Hospital Upate–Continuing Saga Of “Sammy 6 Toes”

I am home now but have to travel to hospial every morn at 6 for hyperbarric treatment….then home for battery of pills and stuff…..I apologize for not keeping up tote with my my bloggers but  this is a bit much sometime please forgive me absence.

I wish I could more time but issues will not allow it.

Please my internet is being a total bitch.

Hope to do better soon.

Peace……Love…..and thanx.  chuq


23 thoughts on “Hospital Upate–Continuing Saga Of “Sammy 6 Toes”

  1. chuq, it’s really not a problem. You have to sort out those toes,and get well. Blogging has to take a second place, and we will all still be around, if we are worth waiting for.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanx for those kind words. Blogging is what keeps my mind working helps keep depression at bay. This could lead to deep depression but as long as mind is working all is good. I appreciate ur thoughts. chuq

  2. Yes,rest & read this b/f the rest of your toes get the chop.. 🙂
    Twitter is being a problem again..I wonder why?
    Another went down…
    Never mind,they pop up again under a different account but they have lost all their followers.
    Hard to keep finding where they are..but I do in the end.
    B.D.S. is still going strong here…& Spain esp Catalonia…more trouble brewing after the parliament vote…Franco has a lot to answer for…..people just do not know the this

    Janet DiFiore, Chief Judge of the State of New York: NORMAN G. FINKELSTEIN MUST WALK FREE! – Sign t… … via @UKChange
    This will interest you…
    We, here, are all fighting the fight…
    peace out 😉

      1. No, actually the browser and the internet-conncection seems to be OK. Since we are informed about getting a fast internet connection every week we got much more problem with it.

      2. understand everytime we get an upgrade it creates more problems……hope all is straight now….have good evening……chuq

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