Woodrow Wilson Is America’s Worst President

Recently I did a post on a list of the top 10 worst presidents, I believe……their list was different than mine….every president has his ups and downs and each of those could weigh heavy on one’s perception of who was the worst.

Thew list will be re-written many times and I am sure that there is another name that will be added in the coming years…..

All that aside my worst president is the same as the one in an article written for the National Interest……

Woodrow Wilson is my pick…..simply….he was an educated racist (an oxymoron), warmonger just to mention a few of his more detestable characteristics……

Making the case

If you wanted to identify, with confidence, the very worst president in American history, how would you go about it? One approach would be to consult the various academic polls on presidential rankings that have been conducted from time to time since Harvard’s Arthur M. Schlesinger Sr. pioneered this particular survey scholarship in 1948. Bad idea.


Source: Why Woodrow Wilson Is America’s Worst President Ever | The National Interest Blog

10 thoughts on “Woodrow Wilson Is America’s Worst President

  1. Our current president will likely end up being the worst across the board, regardless of what criteria you use. BUT.. let’s take him outta this picture (literally, please!) and just address this topic. The author of that link article says it in his first paragraph.. most have their own judgement on what constitutes a “bad” president. In order to “prepare” any sort of a judgment call you have to encapsulate into areas to provide as concise as possible a ‘law of measuring’; the rules by which all can be compared as equally as possible. This article did none of that.. it was just a formulation of a cluster of opinions of actions, reactions, and inactions.

    Take his evaluation of Nixon, for example. It’s very popular to assign the Nixon presidency completely around Watergate and his resignation. But it’s ridiculous to think so. I could assign to him far more domestic “successes”, and international “achievements” (remember China?) under his watch than I will ever credit to the Bush, Sr. administration.
    An example of what I am getting at…
    1. Define what constitutes a “bad” president. This sets the groundwork for the rest.
    2. How did the president meet the UNEXPECTED challenges/events during his term?
    * Effectiveness in rallying the country
    * Effectiveness in meeting the event head on with firm direction and a policy
    3. How effective was the president in meeting his own election-stated agenda? (the accomplishment score)
    4. How effective was the president in working with Congress (passage of legislation AND how he handles veto power)
    yada, yada, yada…….

    Unless you have a structure then you will have biased “bad” interpretations. I am sure with Trump’s political base, he will go down in history as being the Grand Messiah of all. That’s nearly 40% of the nation’s voters who assume Trump was the greatest president simply because they hate the Obamas and the Clintons. That’s hardly objectivity.

  2. “Bush destabilized the Middle East,” I disagree. That part of the world will take many many unpredictable twists and turns no matter what policies exist or who the president may be.

    Saddam Hussein promised that when he was on trial to be sentenced to death the world would regret removing him as the Middle East would become a whirlpool of a mess. He was right wasn’t he ? But it was stable for his murderous regime. You mean we should support a murderer who used rape rooms to keep people in fear as a trade off for stabilization? The Shah in Iran kept things stable by his murderous regime. I don’t think we can rate any president based in how he dealt with the Middle East even in the future based in that factor. It is an impossible hell hole with no chance for peace. Radical Islam will destabilize everything far far into the future. As far as Wilson goes, how can he be a war monger if he kept us out of WW ! for three years ? Although the League of Nations failed the initiative makes Wilson one of America’s greatest statesman on the global scene.

    One thing has come to haunt us is that the last several presidents should get a lot of negative rating for not crushing North Korea in its infancy. The only solution now is to destroy it or be ever blackmailed by that regime and the buck on this one is on Trump’s desk. I don’t envy him. Mr Hodson, above ,says Trump is skating on the break of nuclear war. Yes that is right but not Trump’s fault. Not a result of Trump alleged insanity. All the nations of Asia are trembling in fear of psycho rocket man. He has to be stopped lest he hold the whole world hostage to his demands. Stopping him will be very very ugly but that’s the reality of letting NK breed and strengthen.

  3. I agree the we all have our idea of worse prez. Me?

    Iam not too thrilled with Clinton or Bush2 depends on your lean
    At the time. chuq

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