What Happens When War Is Outlawed?

Breaking News:  “If it bleeds it leads”!  Shooting in Las Vegas has replaced 3 million starving people in the US territory of Puerto Rico.

Don’t go crazy……we all know that war cannot be outlawed……this is a historic piece about a little known treaty of 1928……

You guys know me…if there is a chance for me to drop some history on my readers then I will damn well do it.

Did a largely forgotten peace pact transform the world we live in?

On August 27, 1928, in Paris, with due pomp and circumstance, representatives of fifteen nations signed an agreement outlawing war. The agreement was the unanticipated fruit of an attempt by the French Foreign Minister, Aristide Briand, to negotiate a bilateral treaty with the United States in which each nation would renounce the use of war as an instrument of policy toward the other. The American Secretary of State, Frank Kellogg, had been unenthusiastic about Briand’s idea. He saw no prospect of going to war with France and therefore no point in promising not to, and he suspected that the proposal was a gimmick designed to commit the United States to intervening on France’s behalf if Germany attacked it (as Germany did in 1914). After some delay and in response to public pressure, Kellogg told Briand that his idea sounded great. Who wouldn’t want to renounce war? But why not make the treaty multilateral, and have it signed by “all the principal powers of the world”? Everyone would renounce the use of war as an instrument of policy.

Source: What Happens When War Is Outlawed | The New Yorker

The years after World War One was a time when so much of the world we know today could have been change and for the better…..and little changed (pertaining to war that is)

The old path “Not Taken” scenario.

Class Dismissed!

7 thoughts on “What Happens When War Is Outlawed?

  1. Nice history, chuq. As for Las Vegas, it’s your second amendment argument, all over again. Why do ‘ordinary people’ need access to automatic weapons, and unlimited amounts of ammunition? Answer. They don’t.
    Until you can learn to live with this confusion in America, things like this will keep happening. Trump told people they could keep their guns. This is the outcome of such promises.
    Best wishes, \Pete.

    1. I knwo but we Americans are ate up with the 2nd….I wrote a piece awhile back about what I thought it was written for….have you ever read it? chuq

      1. I remember your 2nd amendment stuff. I wrote a fair bit about it myself, at the time.
        Have the guns, feel the pain. Simple…

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