Closing Thought–11Sep17

There have been two horrific attacks on American soil…..Pear Harbor and 9/11……

Sixteen anniversaries of 9/11 have now come. Sixteen. For many reasons, mostly obvious, we place the attacks of that day in a category with Pearl Harbor: both were national tragedies, both inflicted unprecedented death tolls on American soil, both were criticized as intelligence failures, and both launched America into war. Of course, for most Americans, December 7 passes each year with maybe a general awareness, perhaps a moment of acknowledgement when FDR’s words—“a day that will live in infamy”—work their way into our consciousness.

But on each anniversary of 9/11, a host of TV networks still show documentaries about the attacks and their aftermath. It is still occasion for a multitude of think pieces to emerge into the sunlight—some new and important, others less so. Of course, sixteen anniversaries are a lot fewer than seventy-five. Yet, it’s hard not to wonder whether on December 7, 1957, the sixteen-year anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks was marked as prominently as that of 9/11 is today. I don’t expect that it was.

Source: Understanding 9/11 and the Terrorist Threat Today | RealClearDefense

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6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–11Sep17

  1. I’d say it probably wasn’t regarded the same 16 years after Pearl Harbor–we were trying to fight the Cold War and wanted the Japanese and Germans on our side.

    16 years later and we can’t seem to get a single country in the Middle East on our side. Defeat, rebuild, hearts and minds…something got very lost in the translation, and a helluva lot more complicated.

    I’ve heard Dan Carlin for years on his Common Sense podcast. He talks a lot about a day he calls “9/12”, or the next big terrorist attack yet to come. The way we are now, if another 9/11 came about, we’d tear ourselves to pieces through fear and give up every right for some security… I think that’s true, and it’s damned sad.

  2. Mentioning either Pearl Harbor or 9/11 is Racist so let us stop mentioning them and let us now proceed to tear down every monument that reminds us of either of the events.

  3. Mentioning either 9/11 or Pearl Harbor is racist so let’s stop talking about them and let us proceed to tear down all the monuments that remind us of either of them.

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