How Should We Handle North Korea?

Our minor irritant in the world has been making lots of noise and threatening the US with all sorts of ideas.  And the Us president has said they will be met with “fire and fury” (whatever the Hell that means)…..his cronies in the different departments have made similar threats….of course not to be out done Li’l Kim has in turn made ass couple of flimsy threats……now that the UN is thinking about a new round of sanctions Li’l Kim has done it again……

As the UN prepares to impose yet more sanctions on North Korea, Pyongyang is leveling new threats against the US. If the UN goes through with the penalties, Pyongyong warned that America will pay a “due price,” reports CNN. “The forthcoming measures to be taken by the DPRK will cause the US the greatest pain and suffering it had ever gone through in its entire history,” says North Korea’s foreign ministry, using the North’s acronym. The threat comes as the UN Security Council considers sanctions after the North’s latest—and biggest—nuclear test, but how tough those penalties will be remained very much up in the air.

The US originally sought an extremely tough series of penalties, including an oil embargo and a financial and travel ban on Kim Jong Un, but the latest draft in circulation removes those items, reports Reuters. Even so, it remained unclear whether Russia and China would back even the watered-down version. The vote was tentatively scheduled for Monday. Bloomberg, meanwhile, cites a report in Japanese media suggesting that back-door diplomacy was in the works. Officials from the North’s foreign ministry were expected to meet informally with former US officials in Switzerland on Monday. Another positive sign: Pyongyang did not conduct another test as feared during celebrations on Sunday.

Like I have said there is a wealth of ideas on handling NK and its bravado….everything from nukes to sanctions to negotiations to a beer summit at Mar a Logo.

Don’t freak out!  I read The American Conservative….I do not agree with everything they print but it is good to see that there are some conservatives left that actually think before they fire off their mouth.

There are seven postulates that ought to inform U.S. policy regarding North Korea.

First, our objective. Nothing is more important than to be clear about what we are trying to accomplish. Our purpose should be to provide for our own security and that of our allies, especially South Korea and Japan, while avoiding war. Our purpose should not be regime change in Pyongyang or forcing Kim Jong-un to abandon his nuclear weapons program. Both of those may be desirable. Neither is worth a large-scale war.

Source: Seven Steps to a Saner U.S. Policy Towards North Korea | The American Conservative

Everybody agrees that something needs to be done….but NOT everybody thinks another war is the best answer.

Would you acre to add anything?


4 thoughts on “How Should We Handle North Korea?

  1. The author of that article apparently dislikes Trump. I find that astonishing in a Conservative rag. I admit, I’ve not read one of these magazines since the last time I was in the doctor’s office in Chicago back in 02. I think the seven points reflect a good starting point for the government. But not likely the Trump administration can handle it.

  2. Please someone to put a reason to Donald Trump and Kim. Maybe a new golf stade in Pyongyang for Trump’s friends? For Kim i cannot tell: don’t know his hobbies 😦

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