Is Constipation Terminal?

The weekend and I have NOTHING!

I could go on and on about the broken foot…but I do enough whining during the week.  But on the other side…..two broken toes and a cracked knuckle….fun stuff….

Given enough time and I will find something……..

That is unusual because I am a opinionated SOB and have something to say about everything…

Then it came to me!

I have a broken foot and I am taking opioids for the pain and take my word for it there is a lot of pain……one draw back from taking this medication is constipation…it turns poop into concrete….not a fun place to be.

Well that got me thinking about this situation….is it possible that constipation could be terminal?

Funny, right?

Maybe not so much…….

Even though Larry (not his real name) had widespread cancer, no one was prepared for his sudden death.

I certainly didn’t see it coming so abruptly. It shocked the nurses who had spent day and night in his room, trying to do everything they could to give him a moment of comfort. His sister, the only person who ever came into see him during those painful final weeks in the hospital, was stunned when I called to let her know he had died. Most of all though, it was Larry who wasn’t ready. I could see it in his eyes soon after he woke up one morning with crushing pain in his belly.

What surprised us all was not that he died, but how he died. While Larry’s death certificate may have listed his cause of death as a perforated colon, which injected bacteria into his bloodstream, he really died of constipation.

Source: Beyond aggravation: Constipation is an American epidemic

Now that I have educated you on the dangers of constipation….I move on to bigger and better things…..what a bunch of crap (no pun intended)…..

Enjoy what is left of your weekend…..peace out my friends.