Closing Thought–12Sep17

I am sure that by now we all are well aware of the situation with North Korea and its leader Li’l Kim………there have been a wealth of options open to the world to handle this growing problem….from open warfare to sanction to some sort of diplomacy…..and then there some uneusual ones that do not make much stir in the news……

Forget nukes and sanctions. A former Navy SEAL and current author has a more innovative idea for bringing down North Korea’s regime. “Drop 25 million iPhones on them and put satellites over them with free wifi,” tweeted Jocko Willink. This caught the attention of Business Insider, which floated it by an expert on North Korea at the Stimson Center, a think tank in DC. The bottom line? It’s not as far-fetched as it might seem. “This approach may be the longer route, but it has the hope of succeeding,” says Yun Sun. North Korea’s leaders realize the peril of opening up its estimated 25 million citizens to the world, says Sun, pointing out that Pyongyang has responded militarily to much simpler balloon drops of pamphlets and DVDs from South Korea.

“Kim Jong Un understands that as soon as society is open and North Korean people realize what they’re missing, Kim’s regime is unsustainable, and it’s going to be overthrown,” he says. The internet is available in North Korea to a select few and on a limited basis, Slate explained in a previous post. For example, grad students at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology have access, and while they’re closely watched, the monitoring is almost unnecessary. “North Koreans learn self-censorship from an early age,” writes Martyn Williams. “It’s key to survival,” and few would risk the consequences of going to banned websites. In the meantime, the UN is sticking with more traditional approaches: On Monday, it imposed the toughest sanctions yet.

Why not?  Would be better than some idiotic attack that would kill millions before it was over…..

Any thoughts?

Rats Desert A Sinking Ship

Obstructionism and division has been part of the American political scheme for decades.  And since the election of Trump and his brand of autocratic rule Congresspeople are deciding to cut and run from government service.

After Democrats handed President Donald Trump his biggest legislative achievement, Republican leaders are worried he doomed his party for the 2018 midterm elections.

Trump, “paved the way for hazardous, rolling deadlines over the next six months,” Burgess Everett, Seung Min Kim and Kyle Cheney report for Politico.

“The debt and spending bill approved by Capitol Hill on Friday averted imminent fiscal disaster, but it’s added more misery for a Republican Party whose agenda has floundered even with unified control of Washington for the first time in a decade,” Politico explained. “It’s also given Democrats significant leverage to imperil tax reform, the GOP’s best hope at a major legislative victory.”

Source: ‘It is not going to be pretty’: GOP panicked over midterms as Trump continues destroying their agenda

Repubs have NO one but themselves to blame for their current state of confusion and sluggishness…..and some are running sacred and have decided to desert this sinking ship we call democracy….

Outraged by the behavior and radical right-wing agenda of Donald Trump and GOP congressional leadership, Democrats are laser-focused on winning back the House in 2018.

And that could spell huge trouble for Speaker Paul Ryan, who could end up struggling to maintain his majority.

There is no question Democrats have a massive advantage in voter enthusiasm over Republicans for the midterm, and a record-shattering edge in candidate recruitment. But many political experts are still skeptical that Democrats can win the House, due in part to how Republicans rigged and gerrymandered congressional districts.

Source: Seventh Republican retirement signals House GOP’s massive Trump problem in 2018 – Shareblue

Could this be the only way the Dems can return to the power of DC?  They have no new ideas and Trump is about as popular as a turd in the punch bowl….that alone is a scary thought….

This country needs help….but this is not the type I am talking about.

The Antifa of 1865

ANTIFA!  A term that has found a home in the MSM…..the protesters of the protesters….the group that took on the neo-Nazis in Virginia and made a nmje for themselves in the process…..the protests were put together because there was to be a removal of a statute of Robert E. Lee….and the “other side” showed up and all Hell broke lose… they say…..

Let history (you know damn well that there was a history lesson in there, right?) tell the tale…..

“Anybody who would trash Lee and laud Lincoln is either stupid as a post or just plain evil,” said a sage reader. This applies in spades to anyone who would laud the Radical Republicans of 1865, as one TV GOP blonde has recently, and asininely, done.

The Radical Republicans, if you can believe it, considered Abraham Lincoln a moderate (a bad thing, in their book). Lincoln successor Andrew Johnson these fanatics branded a reactionary (punishable by obstruction and impeachment).

Praised these days by the blonde-ambition faction of the Republican Party, the Radicals were stars of America’s own Reign of Terror over the South, at the end of the War Between the States.

Source: The Radical Republicans: The Antifa of 1865 – The Unz Review

Some things change others do not…..

How Should We Handle North Korea?

Our minor irritant in the world has been making lots of noise and threatening the US with all sorts of ideas.  And the Us president has said they will be met with “fire and fury” (whatever the Hell that means)…..his cronies in the different departments have made similar threats….of course not to be out done Li’l Kim has in turn made ass couple of flimsy threats……now that the UN is thinking about a new round of sanctions Li’l Kim has done it again……

As the UN prepares to impose yet more sanctions on North Korea, Pyongyang is leveling new threats against the US. If the UN goes through with the penalties, Pyongyong warned that America will pay a “due price,” reports CNN. “The forthcoming measures to be taken by the DPRK will cause the US the greatest pain and suffering it had ever gone through in its entire history,” says North Korea’s foreign ministry, using the North’s acronym. The threat comes as the UN Security Council considers sanctions after the North’s latest—and biggest—nuclear test, but how tough those penalties will be remained very much up in the air.

The US originally sought an extremely tough series of penalties, including an oil embargo and a financial and travel ban on Kim Jong Un, but the latest draft in circulation removes those items, reports Reuters. Even so, it remained unclear whether Russia and China would back even the watered-down version. The vote was tentatively scheduled for Monday. Bloomberg, meanwhile, cites a report in Japanese media suggesting that back-door diplomacy was in the works. Officials from the North’s foreign ministry were expected to meet informally with former US officials in Switzerland on Monday. Another positive sign: Pyongyang did not conduct another test as feared during celebrations on Sunday.

Like I have said there is a wealth of ideas on handling NK and its bravado….everything from nukes to sanctions to negotiations to a beer summit at Mar a Logo.

Don’t freak out!  I read The American Conservative….I do not agree with everything they print but it is good to see that there are some conservatives left that actually think before they fire off their mouth.

There are seven postulates that ought to inform U.S. policy regarding North Korea.

First, our objective. Nothing is more important than to be clear about what we are trying to accomplish. Our purpose should be to provide for our own security and that of our allies, especially South Korea and Japan, while avoiding war. Our purpose should not be regime change in Pyongyang or forcing Kim Jong-un to abandon his nuclear weapons program. Both of those may be desirable. Neither is worth a large-scale war.

Source: Seven Steps to a Saner U.S. Policy Towards North Korea | The American Conservative

Everybody agrees that something needs to be done….but NOT everybody thinks another war is the best answer.

Would you acre to add anything?