Dodged Another One!

My weekend begins and good news for my region….Irma has missed us but the people of Florida are not so lucky.

I was not going to say that my area was out of sight until I knew for sure….hurricanes are unpredictable and will give you a slap in the face if you drop your guard.

Current predictions show Hurricane Irma moving straight up Florida from the Keys to the Georgia border “like a giant buzzsaw,” USA Today reports. And that’s not normal and could be devastating. Historically, hurricanes have approached the state at an angle. And the two recorded Category 5 hurricanes to have hit Florida went through only part of the state. But according to ABC News, Irma is expected to make landfall near Miami between 5am and 7am Sunday with winds between 140mph and 145mph. From there it’s expected to make its way up the state, losing steam as it goes. By the time it hits Georgia, it should have weakened to a tropical storm.

USA Today was only able to find two hurricanes—both Category 4—that moved up through Florida as Irma is predicted to do. The “Homestead hurricane” in 1945 and Hurricane King in 1950. Those hurricanes killed four people each, but the population of the Miami metro area at the time was about one-twelfth what it is today. CNN notes the exact path of Hurricane Irma could still shift before it makes landfall. Meanwhile, researchers tell the AP Friday had the most hurricane activity in the history of the Atlantic region. With Irma and Hurricane Jose both Category 4 and Hurricane Katia on its way to Category 3, Friday had an accumulated Cyclone Energy of 16. That beats the old record of 14.3 set in 1961. The other two days in the top four were Thursday and Wednesday.

Most hurricanes last about 4-6 hours…Katrina was 14 hours and 37 minutes… Irma looks to be a 24+ storm……a lot of damage awaits Florida sad to say.

As a survivor of Katrina those in the path of Irma have my sympathy and my prayers…..

Irma is a bitch like Katrina….big and strong…..there will be lots of wind and water damage….the people of Florida will need all the help they can get….please if you can spare the change….help where ever you can.

Me?  I give to the Salvation Army and the ASPCA….plus any neighborhood drives that are started….help where I can.

To my Florida readers and followers…..I hope you guys are safe and warm and our prayers are with you…..chuq