Military Spouses: Lead Us Out Of The Quagmire!

I am an unashamed antiwar supporter.  I have written about this over the life of IST….I have asked question of why we allow all these wars to continue……and after 11 years I still have not gotten any good answers….for that matter I have very little antiwar supporters visiting and commenting……

I have offered up several scenarios that I think could revive the antiwar movement….but most of my ideas are pretty radical and would put a strain on society……

This is a piece written for the Future of Freedom Foundation, a pro-Libertarian think tank ….but that aside this is a good piece and makes some very good points.

For the life of me, I just can’t figure out why the American people do not rise up en masse against the forever wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan in which the United States has been embroiled for more than 15 years. After all, by now everyone must surely realize, despite the superficial rhetoric to the contrary, that U.S. soldiers are not over there killing and dying to defend our country or protect our freedoms here at home.  Continue Reading………

Source: Military Spouses: Lead Us Out of the Quagmire! – The Future of Freedom Foundation

This needs to be read and thought about….we need to end this cycle of war after war….after……..the cycle continues.


8 thoughts on “Military Spouses: Lead Us Out Of The Quagmire!

  1. Chuq, I agree 100%. I am citing “Breach of Trust”, by Andrew J. Bacevich, as an excellent description of this multifaceted issue Bacevich is a West Pointer (’68), served 22 years in the Army, and is now a retired Professor of History and International Studies.

    Breach of Trust describes how, post-Vietnam, the Army was transformed, from the small cadre of professional soldiers, that had usually expanded and contracted, as needed, since Colonial Times. But, once the Conscription Army became a larger, professional one. the huge expense had to be justified. Solution: Permanent War!

    Bacevich’s conclusion is that America should return to the Citizen-Soldiers, that served us well, at Concord, Bull Run, as well as Leyte Gulf and Normandy Beach, rather than the Professional Warriors of today. Bacevich also has another book about the Wars in the Middle East!

    Also, current National Security Advisor, and active LTG, H. R. McMaster ‘s “Dereliction of Duty”, pointing fingers at those responsible in Vietnam, seems to be a great read–from 80 pages in. CHUQ, EDIT THIS COMMENT AS YOU WISH!

    1. I do not censor comments unless they are disgusting or insulting……I have written about the craft on several occasions and given reason why I think we need to reinstate it…chuq

    1. B. P. Talk about Big Business. As Chuq wrote, and Breach of Trust describes in detail, is that the American People are allowing the War Machine to kill millions of people, and drain our Treasury and our Future leaders, in unnecessary wars. When we waste our budget on small domestic wars, the Chines and Russians can see what we do well, and what we do badly. Also, they observe our newest equipment, and hack into our technology, expense-free.

      As a Vietnam Veteran, I recediv a small Disability from our VA for one of shed thirteen illnesses that hd incidence of GIs who were there. That defiant “Agent Orange” scarred any of the local people for life, one million died in the war from various cause, and 20% of the country is not suitable, I believer, for either human habitation for growing food.

      If we stopped waving flags, and building memorials to wars, we could build one last monument to Peace, and fund cross-country scholarships, and programs for vital common interest. Just think its you truly know your adversary–really personal, one-to-one–its hard to go to war with them.

  2. I was going to comment.. but as I reflect, I think this is a post. I now have purpose for going to work today (other than needing a paycheck). Yes, in my own way I am also a whore; I trade my services for a paycheck.

    Someone pass me the Vaseline, please.

    1. Hey we all had to make the sacrifice……I would till be doing it if I had not gotten hurt….we are in it together…LOL chuq

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