Closing Thought–07Jul17

Censorship Makes A Comeback!

Every generation has had its bout with censorship in one form or another.  Mine?  It was books like Lolita, Story of “O” and other such baudy books.  My daughters generation had books, record albums, movies…this type of censorship has been with us for ever…..someone always thinks that they want to save society by banning things that they find offensive.

THis type of invasion has been missing for awhile but it has found a new breeding ground….Florida.

Nosy Floridians now have another outlet for their moral outrage. Now anybody in the US state can formally complain about books used in public schools, and schools are required to hear them out.

Last week governor Rick Scott signed a bill that allows any Florida resident to formally challenge new or old materials, like books and movies, available in public schools. In drafting the bill, lawmakers specifically added language that expanded the complaint process to include anyone, not just parents.

Original law:

Each district school board must adopt a policy regarding a parent’s objection to his or her child’s use of a specific instructional material, which clearly describes a process to handle all objections and provides for resolution.

New law, with new language highlighted:

Each district school board must adopt a policy regarding an a parent’s objection by a parent or a resident of the county to the his or her child’s use of a specific instructional material, which clearly describes a process to handle all objections and provides for resolution.

Source: The sizzle of romance isn’t sustainable—but science can help you build a happy relationship that lasts — Quartz

Not a fan of censorship……all it does is make the item more desirable….this is just someone wanting to impose their “morality” on everybody….not in my house!

Gotta go…..will return tomorrow with more stuff…..hope to see you then…..chuq


9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–07Jul17

  1. I just commented, I think on Tom’s site, regarding education…
    Yes.. when I heard of this Florida thing I was thinking (given my past contributory relationship with our local school district when my kids were growing up) all the fuss-budget parents with opinions on how their kids should be taught morality in the classroom were going to flood the Principle’s office.
    I dunno… it’s not so much the censure-ship issue, chuq… to me it’s about someone else’s morality being pushed on me because someone’s law has given them a voice.

    1. Yeah I do not want some do-gooder’s morality pushed on me either….and I was a major pain the school’s ass when my daughter was in school….chuq

  2. I can’t deal with censoring books at all. Someone can decide the age-appropriate issue if they must, but other than that, a book is a book. Read it, or not.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I’m with you….my parents never told me what I could read…I sure am not going let someone else do it….have a good evening….chuq

  3. Perhaps 40 years ago, on the old Dick Cavit Show, I believe, this topic had been hot and heavy in the Media. I believe that he had the Maryland Censorship Board (or, perhaps it was Your State), or maybe a video of them. (Forty years ago, remember!)

    They were all as ancient as, perhaps, some of US are today! Now, if a bunch of old guys were reviewing those “Obscene Films”, they’d be calling for: more beer, pass the popcorn and “Let’s see that one again!”

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