Mueller: Man Of The Hour

A Special Counsel has been named…Robert Mueller, the former head of the FBI has been tasked with the duties surrounding the Russia thingy…..and he quickly became the talk of the town….DC that is…….

(Don’t worry this will not be the story it was a couple of days ago….but it will make a comeback….in due time)

And as usual the Right wing dolts are doing their hatchet job in protection of their petty dictator….

There are pros and cons about this person….since few will give you both at the same time then let me be the first…..

Robert Mueller is getting bipartisan praise, but President Trump thinks the appointment of a special prosecutor over the Russia-Trump campaign probe is a “witch hunt.” What does the media say? Dueling editorials from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times offer opposite takes:

  • The WSJ argues that special prosecutors are almost always a bust, largely because they’re basically accountable to no one. This appointment “opens up years of political risk to the Trump Administration with no guarantee that the public will end up with any better understanding of what really happened,” the paper’s editorial says. What is really needed is a counterintelligence investigation, but “Mueller will be under pressure to bring criminal indictments of some kind to justify his existence.” Full editorial here.
  • The NYT, though, says this is the only way Americans will have confidence that any alleged ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia are fully investigated. “Even before the stunning events of the past week, Mr. Mueller would have had plenty to work with,” its editorial states. “But after the president’s abrupt firing of Mr. Comey on May 9—followed by his apparent admission that he did so with the Russia investigation in mind, followed by reports that he previously pressed Mr. Comey to pledge his loyalty and asked him to drop a related inquiry into Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser—it became clear that the investigation needed to be kept alive at all costs, and as far from Mr. Trump as possible.” Full editorial here.

This was a smart move….now the GOP can get back to discussing policies and issues and stop being bombarded with the mundane crap from the media.

But I am sure that the Righties will keep this situation alive as long as they can try and blame Obama and even GW when they can……

But as far as reality goes…..we all have to let this play out….for better or for worse……it MUST play out!

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