This Is How You “Make The Case”

I have been watching the US turn facts into actionable intel……the US has taken a situation and turned it into a reason to go to war…..

For instance the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in the 1990’s……to make it more palatable of the population they needed some dastardly facts to use in the ramp up to war….like the BS about the stolen incubators and babies left on the floor as they were stolen…..and the nukes the Saddam was developing…none of which was accurate but it got the population pissed and war seemed like a way to right the “wrongs”.

2003 and Iraq again…..the WMDs that were lying around in the sand and the yellow cake uranium…all to get the world scared and to be approval of yet another war……

I bring this up because there seems to be a bit of a mash up for some sort of action against North Korea.

We all know about the nuke research and the missile tests…..well it looks like they had another missile test that could be a problem…….

North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test may be nearly as big a deal as the country’s propaganda machine claims.

Tokyo clocked the missile as traveling about 800 kilometers (500 miles) and reaching a height of 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles) during its half-hour flight.

That is a higher altitude and longer flight time than any other missile the country has test-launched, according to several South Korean analysts reached by The Associated Press.

North Korea’s state media generally confirmed those estimates. It said the newly developed Hwasong-12 flew as high as 2,111 kilometers (1,310 miles) before landing in a targeted area in the ocean about 787 kilometers (490 miles) from the launch site.

North Korea said it fired the missile at a high angle to avoid neighboring countries.

If it had been fired at a normal angle, analysts say, it could have flown much farther — estimates vary between 4,000 and 7,000 kilometers (2,500 and 4,350 miles), the upper number putting Alaska and possibly Hawaii within striking distance.

All this is just gravy for the grits……

But wait there is more……

Remember the ransomware that has just attacked the world…..well it is said the North Korea is the culprit……

Researchers investigating last week’s cyber attacks involving the WannaCry ransomware say that early versions of the software had some code in common with past attacks by the “Lazarus Group,” which some officials have accused of being North Korean hackers.

The Lazarus Group was behind a handful of past attacks, most notably the Sony hacking incident of 2014, which officials attributed to North Korea primarily because it came around the release of the movie The Interview, which involved a plot to kill North Korea’s leader.

The researchers who noted the similar code conceded that copying snippets of code between hacker groups is not uncommon, and that this was “well short of proof” of an actual relationship between the two. Indeed, most of the WannaCry code was a copy of exploits developed by the NSA.


Seriously?  Does it not look like a bit of a coincidence that North Korea is behind this latest cyber attack?

Not really…….The US has long favored blaming whatever nation they are at odds with at any given time for any high-profile cyber attack, which in the past has left puzzling situations where the US accuses Russia or China of hacking something they had no plausible reason to hack in the first place. While North Korea doesn’t have a clear motive for bringing down phones in Spain or Britain’s health care system, US officials are continuing to talk this up.

Just doing what we always do…..making the case.


6 thoughts on “This Is How You “Make The Case”

  1. Chug, granted, North Korea’s Lunatic-in-Chief might be as dangerous as ours. Accuracy, more so than height and range, however, is the more important characteristic. Wherever those missiles land, especially with nukes, is still dangerous–one that the Ship of Fools should, indeed,try to determiner. But, if there is a “mind”-set, I truly wish we knew what the Hermit Kingship truly was focused on.

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe that anyone friendly country has had much success in in intercepting either communications or cyber-intelligence from North Korea.

    1. I think that some of their failures with missiles is our jamming the signal….U still say it is a little too cool that they did it just now….chuq

  2. I think it is quite frankly laughable that the DPRK is behind the recent hacking attacks. These cyber criminals are said to have demanded just $300 for the return of data, a sum which around 1,200 companies are alleged to have paid. Now that might be a lot of money in North Korea, but I for one doubt their ability to carry that off.
    As a well-known conspiracy theorist, I am going with this scenario. I consider it to be a ‘false flag’ attack from within the western world. This would not only give them reason to blame another country like the DPRK, Russia, or wherever; more importantly it would give them the chance to instigate new rules on computer security that will be invaluable to surveillance organisations like GCHQ, and the NSA. Call me paranoid, but I am sticking with that.
    Regards, Pete.

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