What A Pathetic Species

The weekend and I feel like dancing….well that’s a lie.  Gonna do what I always do on weekends…..as little as possible.

WE Americans are a trend whore….we chase one trend after another….we do trendy food…..trendy cars…..trendy electronics….and there is always those trends in clothing.

Remember those jeans with all the tears in them?  These sold for huge amount of cash to look like a bum on the street.

Well I found another trend that is only a matter of time before it takes off……

Neiman Marcus is selling $1,425 “Future Destroyed High-Top Sneakers” from luxury designer Maison Margiela on its website, and it the shoes completely live up to their name. The men’s sneakers are so mangled and dirty, they look like they previously moonlighted as a chew toy for dogs.

Is it possible that with the Cro-Magnons we as a species have ceased to evolve?  Were they the pinnacle of our species?

10 thoughts on “What A Pathetic Species

  1. I heard about this on the radio, and I believe it!! I used to run the receiving dept. in our local Macy’s for 10 years and some of things that came through there boggles the imagination. One style of jeans looked like you had pooped yourself!! Why people pay extraordinary money to look dirt poor – is beyond MY comprehension!

  2. Wonder if I could get a buck or two for the ones just sitting in my closet that, while not quite as disheveled as these, do show a lot of age. NOT use mind you, just age. ~~dru~~

  3. Wow. Another great post. I’ve missed a lot of them, of late, but, those I’ve picked were worth every moment. Most simply, I agree; we are, in the final analysis, pathetic, for we have the potential to be so much more than we are, as a species, but, choose, for the most part, instead, to live out our imaginary fears… Perhaps the shoes are another manifestation of the human spirit, coming through from true reality through our collective unconscious, as a warning, or, perhaps, a lament…

    Well, back to reality again…. I’ll be back, brother. Have a good weekend….

    gigoid, the dubious


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