The Plot To Seize America

Another Saturday with some pleasant weather….the garden is producing admirably……and since it is so nice I thought I would muck it up for my readers with another of my now famous history lessons…..

All the hub-bub in DC these days leads one to ask many questions… let me throw a little unknown history at you……(this is part of the source material that would be used if my idea for a course on Coups were ever to become reality)…….

Did you know there was a plot to take over the government ….some will think I am talking about the last election (a future post) when, according to some, the country and the government has been taken over by the alt-Right…..but you would be mistaken.

This is an event that is seldom taught in our American history class unless you are at the grad school level….

The year is 1933 and FDR is president……

In the summer of 1933, shortly after Roosevelt’s “First 100 Days,” America’s richest businessmen were in a panic. It was clear that Roosevelt intended to conduct a massive redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor. Roosevelt had to be stopped at all costs.

The answer was a military coup. It was to be secretly financed and organized by leading officers of the Morgan and Du Pont empires. This included some of America’s richest and most famous names of the time:

  • Irenee Du Pont – Right-wing chemical industrialist and founder of the American Liberty League, the organization assigned to execute the plot.
  • Grayson Murphy – Director of Goodyear, Bethlehem Steel and a group of J.P. Morgan banks.
  • William Doyle – Former state commander of the American Legion and a central plotter of the coup.
  • John Davis – Former Democratic presidential candidate and a senior attorney for J.P. Morgan.
  • Al Smith – Roosevelt’s bitter political foe from New York. Smith was a former governor of New York and a codirector of the American Liberty League.
  • John J. Raskob – A high-ranking Du Pont officer and a former chairman of the Democratic Party. In later decades, Raskob would become a “Knight of Malta,” a Roman Catholic Religious Order with a high percentage of CIA spies, including CIA Directors William Casey, William Colby and John McCone.
  • Robert Clark – One of Wall Street’s richest bankers and stockbrokers.
  • Gerald MacGuire – Bond salesman for Clark, and a former commander of the Connecticut American Legion. MacGuire was the key recruiter to General Butler.

That is just a taste of the history you have missed out on….but there is a documentary about this event……(it is a bit long but if you like history then you might learn something)……

There you are…you see whatever they are saying about the situation in DC …it has all happened before….(know your history and you will never be surprised)…….

Enjoy your day.

Be well, be safe….chuq out!

17 thoughts on “The Plot To Seize America

    1. Of course it would have…but these guys were better equipped and lead…..don’t forget the Burr thing back in the early 1800’s. have a good Saturday. chuq

  1. Lbogefro, from the Recommenderd Book list, on my blog: The Plot Against America: by Philip Roth

    Another historical novel, as told through the eyes of eleven year-old “Philip”, growing-up in a Jewish neighborhood, in pre-World War II America. The setting is famed aviator Charles Lindbergh, an avid Nazi-Sympathizer, defeating incumbent President Franklin D. Roosevelt, for the Presidency, in Isolationist America. The ironies with the current political environment abound.

  2. Well, they did manage to get JFK, so it’s always a possibility.
    That old report just goes to show that very little changes in politics.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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