Closing Thought–12May17

DAMN!  I Wish I’d Said That!

Ever hear something that you like and thought that you had wish you had said it?

Like “I Think, Therefore I Am” or something similar.

Looks like our president Trump is claiming phrases as his own… when I tried to copyright “You’re fired”……well he is at it again…..

President Trump is making headlines because of an interview with the Economist, though probably not the ones he expected. One theme is on an odd claim he made about inventing the long-used phrase “priming the pump,” and another on the possibility of his releasing his tax returns—when he’s out of the White House. The details:

  • At one point, Trump asks the interviewer if he’s ever heard of the phrase “priming the pump,” which has been widely used in economic circles for at least the better part of a century. “Have you heard that expression used before? Because I haven’t heard it. I mean, I just … I came up with it a couple of days ago and I thought it was good. It’s what you have to do.”
  • As the Hill reports, Merriam-Webster quickly pounced. “‘Pump priming’ has been used to refer to government investment expenditures since at least 1933,” it tweeted. Another said: “The phrase ‘priming the pump’ dates to the early 19th century.”
  • At the Washington Post, Philip Bump is baffled. He cites multiple examples of Trump himself using the phrase previously and thus floats the possibility that Trump was joking. Or maybe he just “slipped into his long-standing pattern of taking credit where it wasn’t due.”
  • On the tax returns, Trump was asked if he’d be willing to release them in order to get Democratic support for his tax plan, notes CNBC. “That’s a very interesting question,” he said. “I doubt it.” He added that “at some point I’ll release them” because “I’m very proud of them actually. I did a good job.” And later: “I might release them after I’m out of office.”

Click for the full transcript, which includes the president’s thoughts on “Trumponomics” as referring to “self-respect as a nation” and “trade deals that have to be fair, and somewhat reciprocal, if not fully reciprocal.”

Does he not know the power of the Google?

I know most Republicans have not had an original thought in decades…..and what thoughts they have are usually from someone else…..but this is just sad.

No I do not think this is news….but I do think that we should know how silly and ignorant our president can be.

Enough!  Time to shut it down…..go now have some fun and a couple of laughs.


8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–12May17

  1. I’m just overly perplexed at how he has anyone still supporting and following him at this point. The man is immature and ignorant, plain and simple. Enjoy your weekend sir.

  2. You know Chuq, the problem I see with this is that “Americans” have fallen into the trap of turning their president into a Royal Figure, as if “HE” is the State, and everybody should be hanging upon what sort of tripe the figure head comes up with. The real power has completely slipped from both Houses, oozed into the presidency and from there, as it did in the days of royalty, spread to those His Royal Majesty considers his Friends. Both the senate and house of representatives members (the majority anyway) have become disempowered and totally confused yes wo/men, using their time “in office” not to serve the country – they no longer can – but to serve themselves, to get as close as they can with hands and mouths open to the corporate dispensers of private largesse to lap up the crumbs of a crumbling plutocracy… which they willy-nilly caused to come into being. Thus endeth the tale of the Great American democratic experiment that became an empire harnessed to a pack of wild stallions each pulling in its own chosen direction. The correct response to Trump should be dead silence, maybe a sad smile in passing while remembering that, of course a president is little more than a figure head. The focus should be on the words, and deeds, of those who are hired to actually sail the ship with their expertise and courage. Who cares then if the captain is an idiot or a drunk?

    1. WE have been moving to dynastic rule for awhile….Roosevelt, Kennedy, Clinton, Bush all have family entering into politics…..we need to step back from that….have a good weekend my friend…..chuq

  3. Sha’ Tara has identified the American desire for a Royal Family. You should have kept King George at the time, and then wouldn’t have ended up with Trump! 🙂
    If you want a Royal Family again, I will happily arrange for our one to take residence in the White House. We certainly don’t need them, and you could pay them even more than we do.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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