More Foreign Policy by Trump

Trump is our president and I will admit that in the beginning I was impressed with some of his rhetoric pertaining to foreign policy and world affairs….but since taking office he has crapped on any positive statements that he may made in 2016.

Once he nominated Tillerson to run the State department and then his massive cuts to the State department and the firing of all the diplomats and “experts” in the different fields I have not seen anything that is positive with his policies…if anything he is crapping on this country.

The one good thing is that I am NOT alone there are many of us that see the decline in this country because of the bad foreign polies of the Trump administration…..

While Donald Trump delighted in launching 59 cruise missiles toward Syria while eating chocolate cake at one of his resorts, Syrians, as they have for years of living under conditions of extreme violence, feared the worst.

The devastatingly bloody conflict in Syria, which the US has already been involved in for years, has left nearly 500,000 dead and nearly 2 million injured. That means that more than 1 out of every 10 Syrians has been killed or wounded, and more than 85 percent of the country is living in poverty. According to the UN, more than 6 million Syrians are displaced within their own country, and nearly 5 million have fled the country altogether and are now refugees.

As the Trump administration appears poised to become increasingly involved in Syria and the greater Middle East, what is life like under the bombs?

Source: Dahr Jamail | Former US Intelligence Officers Scathingly Critique Trump’s So-Called Foreign Policy

Trump may not be the sharpest pencil in the box when it comes to foreign policy but he could do no better than a little research on the policies of Eisenhower….Ike did do some things in world affairs that were not the best choices but at least he did what he thought was best for peace and security in a changing world…..

Former president Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower was the supreme commander of Allied forces during World War II and he intimately knew the brutal, devastating nature of all-out war. Ike was a believer in maintaining overpowering military strength—including a stated willingness to use nuclear weapons—but more importantly, he was a strong advocate for peace and diplomacy. Before it is too late, let us hope President Trump can learn from the policies of Eisenhower.

Source: What Trump Could Learn from Eisenhower | The National Interest Blog

Ike did have his moments that I would not approve of today….but at least he saw the need and the positive aspects of diplomacy…..something Trump and his d/bag Tillerson have not yet grasp.

This is the world we get when we vote for arrogance and ignorance.


4 thoughts on “More Foreign Policy by Trump

  1. Just compare the possible Soviet ICBMs in Havana, the October 1962 “Cuban Missile Crisis”, with Mexico today. Leftist candidate, and former Mayor of Mexico City, Andres Manuel Lopez Abrader is the odds-on favorite to win the Presidency in July. He even blames President Maduro’s political opponents for the bloodshed in Venezuela. All of South America has sided with Mexico, against Trumpie.

    Both China and Russia have made numerous investments throughout South America, and Presidents Xi and Putin, respectively have each tagged along on some of those “Good Will” trips.

    Mexico has 17 times the area as Cuba, 11 times the population, and a 2,000 mile common border with us. It doesn’t take fixed sites to deploy nuclear weapons anymore. With a re-fueling and/or repair base–air or naval–either China or Russia could easily locate nukes in our backyard. And we certainly have Donnie to thank for that!

    Question: How many of the members of Donald’s Brainless Trust have a handle on this?

  2. Reading Cheekos comment makes me realise that this could give Trump the excuse to really militarise the nation. A Leftist Mexico on that long common border would be a great excuse for a war closer to home. No need to fly out any troops, they can drive there! And it saves building the wall.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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