Closing Thought–02May17

Since the early days of the 2016 election there has been a plethora of shitty news or shall I call it fake news, running around the typical media outlets….and in all that time there has been a conversation on just how to spot this type of news…..that is considering that someone wants the news and not some bullsh*t that massages their ego……

Is the media being played?

Every other month, a major political event is described as unprecedented, unexpected or unpredictable.

From the election of US President Donald Trump and Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, to the growing popularity of the far right and the many outlandish, divisive statements by world leaders, headlines increasingly tend to write themselves.

But should it be this easy? Should journalists rush to cover each and every comment posted to social media? Is the industry playing a role in distracting the public from key issues? Are news organisations handing out platforms? In short, is the media being played?

Here are some views …

Source: Is the media being played? | Journalism | Al Jazeera

Recently the founder of Wikipedia has an idea on how to control the bullsh*t…..

“The news is broken and we can fix it.” That’s the lofty promise of Wikitribune, a new “living, breathing tool” launched by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales that he hopes will combat “fake news” by teaming ace journalists with citizen volunteers. “I’m not sure that anyone’s ever been as radical” in coming up with an idea for “sustainable community journalism,” Wales tells the Guardian, explaining the volunteers will help write, fact-check, and flesh out articles on a range of topics without “chasing clicks.” The site—looking to initially hire 10 or so reporters before its first issue—will be ad-free (and free for readers), and Wales is crowdfunding to raise money to pay reporters. Donors will have a say in its direction, including what articles will appear. “It was when Kellyanne Conway said ‘alternative facts’ and I was just like ‘f— it … we have to do something about this,” Wales tellsWired.

The site uses the Wikipedia model, displaying sources—meaning “you can make up your own mind,” without facts that are tainted by bias, taken out of context, or “just plain … made-up,” per the site. Wales tells the Guardian that Wikipedia itself is “not a perfect place,” but he adds it also hasn’t been overrun by fake news. “If there is any kryptonite to false information, it’s transparency,” Wales recently wrote in the Guardian. A Dutch site has ventured into similar crowdsourcing. An American University professor tells Nieman Lab that Wikitribune could succeed because it’s a hybrid and because of its “narrow domain.” But Nieman Director Joshua Benton tells the BBC that “I have a hard time seeing this scale up” and that “another 10 to 20 people are not going to ‘fix the news.'”

Whatcha think?  Good idea or just a fart in the dark?


9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–02May17

  1. (Sorry, unduly long post – please delete/remove if too long) On planet earth, “facts not tainted by bias” is a contradiction: there aren’t any such. I could sooner believe in unicorns. Everything we think and say and write is biased, and if we had an inkling of real honesty we would all smile and say, “yup!” There is one way to fix “the news” and I accidentally discovered it about 35 years ago when it occurred to me that I was spending an inordinate amount of time (anything over a minute a day of my time, that is) reading, listening to, or watching “the news” and I totally disconnected. I decided it was time to activate a new philosophy of understanding: believe all things, believe in nothing. Bottom line, the way I see it, who cares? Everything begins as fiction, then some “things” become what we call “real” and some things remain fiction and eventually become tales, myths, history or disappear altogether. It actually makes no difference on the long haul: things will be what they will be and people will change their thinking and their ways when they feel like doing it. The reason there is such a push now towards pre-democracy bad old days is simply because “democracy” and associated ideas were thought up by individuals who lucked out and pushed their ideas onto the big stage without the vast majority ever having a clue what the concepts entailed in terms of participation until it became the “vote” joke of today and all hell is breaking loose as these quirky ideas called democracies fall apart under the unrelenting pounding of the older forces who want their power back. News, real or fake, will not change that an iota. People need to educate themselves and they need to make hard personal, individual, choices for their own lives, and they need to take responsibility for the consequences entailed by living out those lives. It is individuals who must learn to express their own lives with integrity and stop mob braying after, or for, leaders, whatever these may ooze out of. We don’t need “unbiased news” – we need individual self- empowerment. Without that, all the rest is indeed, farting in the wind.

    1. Your comment was perfect….because of what I do the “news” is a must for me….I seldom use one source for my info….I have a technique and it works for me….there is way too much farting in the wind these days….chuq

      1. You have a gift of turning/taking “the news” and making the information simple, obvious and more real. Reading your version of “the news” is like taking mini courses that leaves “me” to decide. You don’t try to digest it for me, you give me the option on how I take it. Fake news (most news) does the opposite: it’s automatic brainwashing. Thanks for your work, Chuq.

      2. I appreciate your words of kindness….I want people to think for themselves…..and I appreciate your patronage….chuq

  2. I doubt that Wikinews will be any better than any other source. Most of Wikipedia is driven by outside contributors, after all. I try to avoid commercial news, whether from TV stations with advertisements, or newspapers with an owner’s/investor’s agenda. The BBC may not be 100% perfect, but it’s about as reliable as it gets.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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