A New Cold War?

This subject was a hot item about a year ago…..and since has cooled down a bit….but with all the chest thumping in DC how long before we re-visit the concept?

The chances are looking good that it will be on again….US moving troops and equipment to the borders with Russia….Russian moving troops and rocket launchers within striking distance of Eastern Europe and all the rhetoric flying around the airwaves…..let’s not forget that China is slinking around the South China Sea……

As someone who is always on the lookout for the next conflict that could turn into out last conflict…….I say bend over and brace yourselves….

American-Russian relations are about to take a sharp turn for the worse.

President Donald Trump, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton before him, hoped to “reset” Washington’s dismal relationship with Moscow, but that was always the longest of long shots. Vladimir Putin’s ideology and perceived national interests require the West as an enemy, and no matter how many times Trump tweets that he respects Putin’s “strength” and says it would be “a good thing” if we could get along with Russia and unite against ISIS, neither the Kremlin nor permanent Washington will allow it.

To be sure, Russians initially swooned when Trump beat Clinton in the election last November.

Source: Brace Yourself for a New Cold War | World Affairs Journal

I know to some this is a cliche of sorts….but do not count anything out….not now there is enough crap flying around that anything could happen.

Okay let us say that I am being a bit pessimistic…..and there is not a new Cold War….with all the isolationist sounds coming from Trump (none of which I believe by any stretch) but let us say that we do shrink back to our borders ….what will a post-American order look like?

It is obvious that that our world has pivoted from the immediate post-Cold War order. Gone is yesterday’s unipolar dispensation with the United States sitting unchallenged atop other powers. It still possesses immense conventional and unconventional strength, but it is hardly unrivaled in various geographic corners. The big questions remain: What kind of global order is unfolding and how does America respond?

President Donald J. Trump’s frequent voicing of isolationist sentiments during and after the election campaign has been blamed by some critics for this international transformation. Yet he alone is not responsible for the shift. The international order has been undergoing a transformation for years, and the signs of that change began to materialize soon after Barack Obama assumed office. Trump’s move into the White House is more a consequence of this altered global scene than its cause. Obama initiated America’s international pullback with the military withdrawal from Iraq and severe cutbacks in Afghanistan, as well as blinking when Syria crossed his red line while “leading from behind.”

Source: Post-American World Order | Hoover Institution

There you have two takes on the near future…..which will be the most likely?


4 thoughts on “A New Cold War?

  1. The answer is not intervention or isolationism, but rather a reevaluation of how we conduct our foreign policy at the United Nations. We currently check our democratic principles at the door. We need to do better, specifically…

    If there’s a better way to move towards world peace, I’m now aware of it.

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