Closing Thought–28Mar17

Did someone mention golf……does anyone remember all the grief Obama took in Right wing media every time he took off to play golf?

Our new president has him topped!

President Trump stayed away from his Florida resort for the weekend, but not from Trump properties: He was at the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia on Saturday and Sunday and dined at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, on Saturday night, reports the Washington Post, which calculates that Trump has spent all or part of 21 of the first 66 days of his presidency at Trump-owned properties. Golfweek notes that Trump—who repeatedly criticized then-President Obama for golfing and said that he would be too busy to golf when president—has now visited golf courses 13 times since Jan. 20. The White House said Trump was in meetings, though photos emerged of him riding in a golf cart and wearing golf attire Saturday.

On Sunday, during a brief visit to the Virginia club in which the White House said he held three meetings, a photo emerged of Trump watching the Golf Channel with two people. Critics accuse Trump of hypocrisy and complain that he is providing his businesses with a lot of free publicity. “It is normal for presidents to get out—and it can be a boost for small businesses across the city and the country,” Robert Weissman of nonprofit group Public Citizen tells the New York Times. “But with President Trump, he spends his downtime as a walking advertisement for his businesses. It is a major departure from historic norm and degradation of the office.” (Sean Spicer says Trump’s golf habit is totally different from Obama’s.)

As long as we are talking about Mar-a-Lago Golf Club…..this one is just rich.

It seems that the Trump entourage may have forgot something on the last visit……

Surprising what can be found in the lost and found bin!

I read this and could not resist this compelling story… seems an unusual item was found waiting to be claimed in a golf course “lost and found” bin.

PALM BEACH, FL—Noting that it had already been there for almost two weeks, Mar-a-Lago assistant manager Chris Mahoney reportedly wondered Monday if anyone was coming to collect the nuclear briefcase from the club’s lost-and-found. “Someone noticed it in the dining room and dropped it off, and it’s just been sitting at the bottom of the bin ever since,” said Mahoney, adding that he had been asking people coming to collect their lost scarves and sunglasses if they might also have misplaced a briefcase attached to a pair of handcuffs. “You’d think whoever it belongs to would have realized that they lost it by now. Well, I’ll give it a few more weeks—if no one claims it after 60 days, it’s up for grabs, and I can see if someone on my staff wants it.” At press time, a man had mistakenly claimed the briefcase as his own before getting home to discover all the unfamiliar buttons inside.

Spoiler Alert!

This is NOT a real story but one published in The Onion.


11 thoughts on “Closing Thought–28Mar17

  1. I have no doubt whatsoever that President Trump is going to be worse at everything than his predecessor. I think that would be a no-brainer. But I also think that observation and observations like it might be coming from some corner that does not particularly like the idea of a “President Trump.” I could be wrong of course …. not likely but I could be ….

      1. As far as my interests go then NO….when he was a candidate I found a few things I agreed with but since his election he has crapped on all those positions.

  2. That’s a good ‘fake’ story. I would believe it!
    What is it about golf? I have never played it, and cannot see the attraction. It seems to get inside people, like a drug addiction.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. The politicians you have corraled need to come out of the closet! But let’s not be too critical of the wealthy please. There are some wealthy folks who are absolute geniuses and who are as fuzzy as bears and harmless as doves. No names.

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