US Troops Update

Since what the troops are doing around the world is of no importance to the media I guess it falls on me to keep the world abreast of all the adventurism….

First Iraq and the battle for Mosul……

Iraqi officials had previously predicted they’d have western Mosul fully “liberated” by the end of March. With just a few days left, the offensive remains largely stalled however, with the offensive moving at a snail’s pace. Hoping to speed things up, the US has announced another escalation, sending more combat troops into the city.

The size of this escalation is as yet unknown, with the Pentagon only announcing that the deployment was being ordered, putting more combat troops into the city for “advise and assist” operations. These appear to be some of the troops previously tapped to go to Kuwait.

The only clue officials would give to the size of the new deployment is that it would not “reunite the entire brigade,” which means that the new deployment is at least less than 2,500. The troops are being considered “temporary,” like many of the troops in Iraq, which means they aren’t part of the official count.


The battle raging for control of the capital of ISIS, Raqqa, continues and US troops are ass deep in this fight……this would be in Syria……

With Kurdish YPG forces taking part in the battle, US troops recently airlifted into the area west of the ISIS capital city of Raqqa captured a Syrian military airport near the city of Tabqa, a site which had been held by ISIS forces for some time.

The airport’s capture is being presented as part of the ongoing effort by the US and YPG to surround Raqqa before invading the city. Kurdish forces surround the city’s north, and now have some presence in the northeast and northwest, though the city still appears far from totally surrounded.


For a couple of years a war has been fought on the Arabian Peninsula, the Saudis are killing Yemenis but the US was not directly involved just mostly behind the scenes….but that could change real soon…..

Defense Secretary James Mattis is said to be pushing for the White House to remove all restrictions, placed during the waning months of President Obama’s presidency, on US military support for the Saudi invasion of Yemen, seeking deeper direct US involvement in fighting the Yemeni Shi’ites.

Mattis is said to be pushing National Security Adviser HR McMaster to agree that US support would combat the “common threat” the US and Saudi Arabia face in Yemen, which appears to be continued Shi’ite autonomy in the northern half of the country.


Do not forget our longest war ever…that would be Afghanistan and yes there is more troops needed in that country also…..

Gen. Nicholson now says he wants another 5,000 US and NATO troops, saying he believes the US needs that many to “break the stalemate” in the war. Nicholson has repeatedly labeled the conflict a “stalemate” in recent weeks, which appears to be an overestimation of the situation, with the Taliban continuing to gain ground against Afghan security forces.

Nicholson argued that because 9/11 involved Afghanistan, a loss in the country would embolden terrorists globally. At the same time, throwing an addition 5,000 “US and NATO troops,” which would likely end up being almost exclusively US troops, at the war 16 years later doesn’t seem like it’s going to resolve the conflict, but rather just extend it once again.


At what point does all this escalation of war become enough?

The media glosses over much of this and the American people do NOT care one whit about these wars or the problems they cause…..

All in all….money well spent. (Sarcasm)

Don’t be foolish…Pay Attention!


32 thoughts on “US Troops Update

  1. Attention has certainly pivoted from our troops and battlegrounds to domestic issues with not my president at the helm stirring the pot daily. Thanks for the article.

  2. Yeah.. good thing we reduced the State Department by 30% so we could get those folks outta the way!

  3. Why is it that the US always has to be the one to ‘break the stalemate’ or police an area or any number of worldwide complaints. These countries are far older than the US and yet they still can’t get it right.

    1. That is a damn good question. I think some of it is that the US uses terms like national security to inject themselves into situations that they should have stay away from…..chuq

      1. Oh, that I know – we can’t keep our noses out of anything. I was wondering about when we get asked to solve everyone’s problems.

      1. True, Pete. But jeez, how many different wars can our volunteer force take? The politicians have to tone things down, sending troops out on 4th and 5th tours of duty?

      2. GP makes a valid point about serving multiple tours. Back in the Nam days military served typically a one year tour, and additional were more a personal choice. Usually one tour was enough to mess with a person’s brain for life. But.. there was a draft to assure manpower. Now it’s nuts as hell, military serving multiple tours.. and they wonder why mental health, suicides are up. On top of that.. drawing from the reserves to send into combat areas is absolutely insane. Ugh. I love the military but there are times I have NO idea what the Pentagon is thinking. There is a certain logic to the idea that if we are going to get more involved around the world in military ways.. then maybe resurrect the draft and train these guys correctly for their missions.

      3. You helped explain my point Doug, thank you for that. Actually I also agree about the draft, a lot of our Millennials could use the discipline and view of the other side.

      4. Well, yeah GP.. there is the character-building aspect for sure. 🙂 But this time around we should have a better grasp on mental health aspects of serving.. not sure how that might work. But it makes no sense sending people out to fight only to have them come back unfit for life… much less losing their life. I also have to say… this idea of our military fighting and sacrificing for our freedoms… c’mon. We are engaged in NO military operation that is somehow in true defense of our country and the freedoms that represents. Yes.. war on terrorism is a kind of war… but that in itself is not a threat to democracy. I would prefer to suggest that our military is sacrificing to carry out policies that reflect our nation’s will and compassion for peace and stability in the world, and to maintain the security of our homeland and daily lives by taking disputes directly to our enemies. delivering the battlefield directly to them. Just my thoughts.

  4. Maybe we need to come to grips with this idea that when someone wants to introduce a “new world order” that it sounds like some Nazi throwback concept to take over the world. America has been the “new world order” since WW2. Americans made America great… and the result of that was that America maintains a world balance.. an economic and military equilibrium for the entire world. Yes, international events will come and go and Americans (and its allies) can, and will continue, to make errors in either diplomacy or the intervention of military force. BUT… America (and Americans), whether you love it or hate it, remains the single balance of contemporary world order. That’s why Trump and his bombastic buffoonery about making America great again is such crap. America has always been great. We may need some internal political reflection to make course corrections along the way.. but this by no means, means we should shirk our responsibility that keeping balance in the world does make America great.
    Yes, maybe we need to include more the manpower military contribution from other nations who can afford it to balance our own losses, but that also makes diplomacy that much more important.

    1. We are approaching a post America domination……China and Russia bear watching….both are chest thumping like sex crazed primates…..”bombastic buffoonery”? Damn I love that….chuq

      1. It’s getting harder to come up with more original labels for describing Trump’s existence in the White House. 🙂
        You are the “international” guy, chuq… China and Russia don’t bear more watching, they require more inclusion to solve the problems. Keep your friends close, your “enemies closer.
        Russia is not interested in world dominance and neither is China. Russia is no economic power one bit.. and all they want are some of their old Russian allies back in the fold to feel warm again. China never was a conqueror other than some border principalities. They want what any emerging economic power wants.. more economic influence.
        Don’t turn into a fear-monger on my, chuq. 🙂

      2. Spratley Islands are a concern…China is flexing…I will agree about Russia’s warm and fuzzy feeling but they are always looking for a break they can exploit just as the US is always searching….Russia is said to be using less defense spending….that needs to be confirmed….but fear mongering not I…caution maybe….chuq

      3. Caution is good (which means a lot more intelligence.. human… um, I meant that CIA intelligence… in spite of the fact our country does need more human intelligence.) 🙂
        Frankly I think we have more to fear from Trump.

  5. Let me remind myself now… what happened to the US war in Vietnam again? How was the mighty USSR army defeated in Afghanistan… again? Let me see… a conflict is instigated (for whatever reason); the oppressed indigenous peoples unite and fight back, they find support from the enemies of their enemies. Their enemies, realizing they aren’t in a cake walk, send in more troops, more materiel, bomb more, kill more innocent civilians, pissing off even more locals who join the fight from having no choice. The conflict becomes a war, it escalates and, let’s see if I get this right, whether you’re the British empire, the French empire, the US empire or the USSR empire, suddenly you find yourself up to your asses in alligators and you have to pull back because… well because the people back home are getting just as pissed from receiving their people back in body bags that they are ready to launch their own version of revolt against all these imperial wars that do nothing but suck the lifeblood out of both sides and no one wins.

    Now then, I’m the mighty leader of the mightiest fighting force on earth: the US military. I have some wars on the go in similar circumstances and conditions encountered previously. What do I do, based on historical evidence? Send in more troops… and open up more theaters of conflict, what else? It doesn’t have to work, it just has to sound and look like it is going to work and by the time the real shit hits the proverbial fan I’ll be retired and my golden parachute will set me down on a plush golf course in Florida.

    1. Good breakdown….and damn good questions….we seem to learn nothing from our past….and our troops pay with their lives…unacceptable to me chuq

  6. Recent reports here show that Mosul is anything but won as a battle. And that is just one city…
    The coalition air forces are dropping smart bombs on houses to kill one sniper. That’s around $50,000 spent to eliminate one ISIS fighter, and probably also kill all the civilians in the house he was using for shelter. Not only is it morally questionable, to say the least, it is financially unsustainable.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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