Seriously? “Safe Zones” Again?

Oh good God….these twats are talking “safe zones” in Syria again….Clinton was hot on the topic and now Trump likes the idea and he even has his little sock puppet at State down with the idea.

I wrote about this issue awhile ago when it made the headlines…BTW…personal opinion…it is an idea that sucks large!  The problem is great terminology but none of these micro-brains has any idea what it takes to maintain a “safe zone”…..

Source: Trump And His Syrian Strategy – In Saner Thought

SecState Tillerson was at an anti-ISIS meeting (I’m guessing it was after his nap) and he pledged that the US would set up those ever popular “safe zones”……

Speaking today at an anti-ISIS coalition meeting, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed previous comments by President Trump that the US intends to set up “safe zones” in northern Syria “to allow refugees to return home.”

As has been the case in the past, Tillerson’s comments did not offer much in the way of details on how the US intends to make this happen, though he did offer the idea that the US would establish “interim zones of stability, through ceasefires.”

There were no details on exactly where these safe zones would be located, but one would have to assume that the territory occupied by Turkey in northern Aleppo Province would house at least some of the zones, and that it is unlikely the Idlib Province, which is torn by fighting among various rebels, would have any.


Nice idea the problem is no one seems to know what the Hell he/she is talking about……

Coalition military officials denied that any orders have been given to them so far to establish safe zones or “any kind of zones” at all. Though Turkey now controls territory that could be used for such zones, it is likely the US would be expected to deploy a lot of troops to secure those areas.

Nothing like decisive plans coming from the State Department of the Trump administration….goddamn amateurs…..

But for further reading:

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9 thoughts on “Seriously? “Safe Zones” Again?

  1. This question keeps plaguing me although I’m sure I’m just to dense to see but if you can establish safe zones through ceasefires, why can’t you establish peace? ~~dru~~

    1. Very good question and deserves a good answer…unfortunately I cannot provide one for you….logic dictates there is no reason…then why has it not been tried? chuq

  2. Peace requires both sides to lay down their arms.

    Cease fires are about agreeing to not shoot the other side as long as the other doesn’t shoot them. It’s tenuous at best and experience tells me that it’s only a matter of time before fighting breaks out again. Safe zones require military personnel and planes to mitigate hostility, but the hostility never really goes away, just goes underground.

  3. So-called Safe Zones will prove to be anything but that. The fighting is so close to the border with Turkey, you can stand on the Turkish side, and watch rockets falling just across the main road. There is probably nowhere ‘safe’ in Syria right now, nor for the foreseeable future.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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