To The Wildfire Of War

Before I begin let me say….I know that these types of posts are not popular…I say that by the number of visitors that do NOT come to them.  But that matters not for I may be butting my head against a wall but I would hope that if one US soldier reads my posts they will see that there is at least one American that cares what happens to them.  Sad I am sure they are well aware that the country cares nothing about their plight….but they do have a friend in IST.

I see the modern day Nero is Tweeting (fiddle was replaced in the 21st century) while the world is burning….and war becomes the only answer to problems and situations.

Trump keeps adding US troops to the world’s conflicts……

Reports from earlier this month that Pentagon has been increasing deployments of special forces around the Middle East and Africa appears to be continuing apace, with the most recent reports suggesting that President Trump has expanded the deployments into Central Africa, and is continuing the policy across the region.

The use of small-scale special forces as an alternative to larger deployments of regular combat soldiers became popular in the Obama Administration as a way to keep official troop levels comparatively low while getting into more and more military operations around the world.

While President Trump has been deploying larger numbers of regular ground troops into Syria and Iraq, the special force deployments have continued apace, and those familiar with the situation say he is likely to remove current restrictions on the special forces carrying out raids into Somalia.


All of our time, money and work into building the Afghan army so that it may defend itself and stand on its own is not worth the 16 year investment…why?

It’s been nearly 16 years since the United States and its NATO allies invaded and occupied Afghanistan, and US commander Gen. John Nicholson, the latest in a long line of commanders who’ve been charged with getting a handle on the conflict, is seeking an increase in US ground troops in the country.

The Afghan government is all for that, with Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani “welcoming” the call for several thousand more US troops, a move which comes as the Afghan government continues to lose territory to the Taliban, and after recent reports suggesting that the Taliban holds more territory now than at any time since 2001.


All this has been a waste in resources and treasure…..and yet these toads see NO other option than to throw more at the situation….

After 16 years of our “advisement” on the finer details of war the Pentagon is starting to see a problem…..

Just a couple of months out from inauguration, President Trump has been pushing for some pretty substantial escalations of America’s involvement in the ISIS war. This is true the world over, with special forces being deployed in growing numbers, but nowhere is it more obvious than in Syria, where the US has gone from a few hundred troops to a few thousand.

As those troops increase, so do the military goals being set out for Pentagon commanders, which has many of them concerned that they are facing large-scale mission creep, and are being pushed in the direction of scrapping previous efforts to make sure local forces were doing all the heavy lifting on the ground, and that US troops were just facilitators.


None of this chest thumping bids well for our military…..and truly pathetic part is there is not anyone in the population that gives a f*ck.

I weep for our troops.

16 thoughts on “To The Wildfire Of War

  1. Well they are popular with me, chuq. Information about these troop escalations is hard to find, so we need to make it public. Too many wars are allowed to start because of general ignorance.
    Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. crap out chuq?
        ya can’t use that word ova ‘ere it don bin censured…
        good post…ta for now. 😉

      2. Having trouble….we are being watched..twitter is being difficult again & trolling occurs by EDL..I trust you know who that is…found 2 false accounts…trolls..have connected to me ….well you know who that is…cya

      3. hello you…..has news of the French riots reached you? Meanwhile I hear your gov is blaming the Russians for the Occupy Movement….would that be true? hahaha…desperation abounds…even auntie beeb is not covering the riots in Paris or if it is minimal…the plebs are getting restless…gawd politics!! I cannot believe the cnn crap making the news even over here…laughing stock…pea brains….& meanwhile good ole USA is stirring it up again….them & their foot on the ground..not to forget NATO….never mind lets blame the Russians. ta for now..trolls have abated…not v.bright,just boring…such is life..oh,guess what? A local activist has made a citizens arrest on? a Saudi foreign minister..hahaha for the war on Yemen..he was bundled away pretty fast but he did manage to touch him…& was filmed…we need more like him..meanwhile check out Paris.

      4. French protests are not covered much we have a soap opera with Trump and Congress going strong….Occupy thing seems to be just a fringe theory right now….have a good day….chuq

  2. We have not reached the breaking point yet, unfortunately. People won’t care until it starts to hit their wallets with increased taxes and rising gasoline prices. Toss gasoline to $4.50/gallon and you’ll see a whole lot of people caring, but for the wrong reasons. The average American’s world view is quite small and insignificant.

  3. You know, part of me wonders how many of our government leaders know where all our troops already are in the world, where all our bases are, where our fleets are, where troops have been on the ground in how many hot spots and for how long. I bet none of them could give a decent answer. Perhaps why they’re so willing to throw troops into a mess is they have no clue how many are already working hard around the world doing their duty–it’s like we don’t hear about most of it (except for some of these posts, and thanks a bunch for posting ’em, Lobo), and I doubt Dump hears about them…certainly won’t read about ’em, i’m sure.

    If this was a younger president, I could see them playing “Guitar Hero” instead of Twitter…but barely.

    1. The only way Trump would know about them is if they are reported on Breitbart or FOX…other than that it is not important to him….chuq

  4. Reblogged this on Sunshinebright and commented:
    I also weep for our troups. The snake is slithering behind our backs and putting too many of our young people into harm’s way. You are right, chuq. It’s happening so quietly. There is not one word spoken about this problem on the media. Some more distractions to keep us ignorant of many of what is important.

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