My second post for this Saturday…..(I know I am breaking tradition)

I do not normally give my critique of television programs….but what the Hell I needed something to write about today……

I do a lot of reading, researching and ranting and when I get bored I turn on the TV and stream something that appeals to me.  Shows like Elementary, Black List, The Expanse and most recently  Homeland…that Showtime series that is about terrorist attack on the US.

A little background….From a young age I was fascinated with spy novels James bond, Sam Durell and those of LeCarre…..then came my days in the military I was in military intelligence….(I know an oxymoron)…..that is where I got to be a good analyst…first in the field then as situation analyst once I left the military.

I really liked the research and then the formulation of a sitrep…..then I return to school and finished up my degree and from that day onward I have been researching and analyzing…..it is my life’s blood so to speak.

Back to Homeland……the premise is a good one…..my problem is the way the lead (Clare Danes) goes about her duties as a CIA analyst….her irrational techniques would not be condoned by the “company”….she blew at least 2 situations…..(that is so far I am only into Season Two)…..after her first irrational move she would have been jerked from the assignment and after the second she would be on the street.  She is irresponsible, irrational and dangerous……she is out of control and would not be handling assets for the CIA…..all dangerous traits for a field agent running assets.

I understand the need for dramatics……but I feel that this subject needs realistic situations and not some hyped up crap for ratings.  My problem is the continuity of the script…it kinda sucks.

But I am hooked and will probably keep watching the entire series….

My next show to stream will be…The Americans.  Spies in the Cold War were cool.

The weekend begins and I shove away from the research and the ranting and enjoy some time to myself….

Please enjoy your weekend…..be well, be safe……chuq


14 thoughts on “Homeland

  1. Good to know. I don’t get Showtime, but often when one of their shows gets cancelled, the reruns wind up on other stations. I’ll know not to watch it.

    1. There is the problem…too many people want flash over accuracy….maybe it is me….I seem to want too much for my viewing pleasure…LOL chuq

      1. Too many people take these shows as factual – when I do watch something, I want to be entertained, but accurate.
        When I was a kid, there were a lot of westerns on TV. The streets were dirt, but packed down; the people were clean, kids played, etc. Then I saw a picture of a real western town!! Dusty, muddy streets, dirty kids, people milling about in filthy clothes – what a shock – I learned early to just watch TV for a pastime.

      2. Accuracy is also important to me….like I said this is why I watch very little actual TV….the closest to accurate I have seen so far is Tyrant….chuq

  2. I seriously doubt it bothers the CIA they’re portrayed as incompetent; good camouflage, y’know? Besides, we’re talking about the TV audience in the USA; the less it has to do with reality, the better they like it, and the better those who manipulate them like it. I mean, look who they elected.. a man who considers his reality show stardom as his finest attribute… a man who cannot read past the 4th grade level, gets his news and opinions from either “one book”, or TV, and Twitter….

    But, it can be entertaining to lose focus on what is real in a world gone mad, right?….

    If one is gonna watch TV, the spy shows are at least interesting for some of the tech they use; Hollywood plots are always gonna appeal to the lowest common denominator, so, whatayagonnado?

    Have fun, amigo….


  3. I have been an avid fan of ‘Homeland’ since it began. We are currently enjoying the very latest series on TV here, and I have not missed an episode. Luckily, it is broadcast on Channel 4, which means we do not have to pay, or have access to satellite. Naturally, I do not view it as fact, just as very good drama and entertainment, some of which is very plausible indeed. Clare Danes hysteria is probably the weakest thing about the whole programme, but the other leads are pretty damn good. Now and again, it does hit the prescient nerve though. https://redflagflying.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/homeland/
    I am not sure how well the British actors Rupert Friend and Damian Lewis come across as Americans
    Do they work for you?

    I also enjoyed ‘The Americans’, but after two series, that was bought by pay-per-view, and I haven’t seen it since. I might wait until it ends, and get the DVD box set.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Lewis works well….I have only watched 2 seasons…..I will write a further review after I see the whole thing…but so far her character needs to calm down OCD is not a good thing for a person that handles assets…I will start the Americans after I finish Homeland….how do you lie the Americans? chuq

      1. Considering that the lead actor, Matthew Rhys, is also British, I thought it worked well. It had that nice ‘retro’ feel, like a very professional version of ‘Mission Impossible’. They got the period feel just right too.

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