View From The “Sidelines”

There has been a few rumblings that Trump appointed adequate people but has NO intention of allowing them to help make policy…..we cannot know for sure that any of that is anywhere near true…..but a recent report shows that there could be a possibility of a grain of truth in these accusations…..

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson feels that he has been sidelined—along with the entire State Department—and is looking for ways to boost his profile, insiders say. A State source tells Politico that Tillerson has privately asked aides for advice on boosting his profile and engaging with the media more often. The Washington Post reports that President Trump has relegated the former Exxon CEO to a “mostly offstage role,” with Tillerson usually absent from high-profile meetings with foreign leaders. The State Department’s traditional daily press briefings ceased when Trump took office and there has been no word on when they might resume.

Insiders say one reason Tillerson hasn’t become the face of US foreign policy the way his predecessors were is the fact that his views aren’t always in line with Trump’s. He is “clearly a very talented and able guy,” former State official Eliot Cohen tells Politico. “The problem is that this is the Trump administration, and one has to surmise that he is not where the president is on some of his zanier days.” Trump rejected Elliot Abrams, Tillerson’s choice of deputy, for having criticized him. The president has also delegated elements of foreign policy to advisers instead of State, including Israeli-Palestinian talks, where son-in-law Jared Kushner is playing a leading role.

The more we learn the clearer the picture will become…..

History is full of leaders that have appointed people around them but they were nothing more than advertising or for show……appears our new ring master is gonna be one of those……

This situation will be monitored and soon we will see who it is that is sidelined for they will be off like a dirty shirt.  Likewise we will see who the “whores” are that will change to suit their position….(Richard Haas comes to mind)…..


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