The New “Game Of Drones”

Did you watch the Oscars?  Why?

The country is going to crap and you spend your time watching mindless sh*t!

Okay my rant is over…time to get serious.

While the MSM has everyone diverted to lesser news…like a stolen jersey or who pays protesters or how many Tweets some people attempt there is something happen that could be a game changer in the War on Terror….but you were too distracted to care.

I have written many times here on IST about the American drone program (a search for IST will give one all the posts) used by the US military to fight their wars….I understand their use as it saves lives of the troops involved in the conflict but I also dislike their constant use for the drones cannot differentiate between combatants and civilians….as a result we have killed more civilians than bad guys and the numbers expand.

I point this out because it appears that ISIS has developed a drone program to be used as the one for the US……

Islamic State fighters are launching an ever-wider assortment of deadly drones, even as their UAV factories come under heavy attack.

Grenade launchers, kamikaze bombers, flying decoys, eyes-in-the-sky, and soapbox-derby dinosaurs: as the Islamic State group loses neighborhood after Mosul neighborhood, it is still dispatching a wide variety of UAVs on deadly missions.

“Over the last two months, coalition forces have observed about one adversary drone every day around Mosul,” a U.S. Central Command official told Defense One.

Source: The Drones of ISIS – Defense One

Then once this program was discovered they started with world predictions of doom for the rest of us…..

Killer drones guided by Islamic State terrorists have made their debut in Northern Iraq, prompting concern about a new terror weapon outside of Iraq.

“I can verify that the enemy has used drones to release grenade-sized munitions,” wrote U.S. Air Force Col. John Dorrian, chief spokesman for the Combined Joint Task Force, Operation Inherent Resolve, in an email from Baghdad. He went on to say that Iraqi forces closing in on Islamic State’s last-remaining high-population stronghold in Iraq are dealing with them.

Source: ISIS drones could target Europe – Washington Times

Right now their, ISIS, program is far from sophisticated but each time they are employed the more they learn about their operation……

As they (however they are) say…it is only a matter of time.


16 thoughts on “The New “Game Of Drones”

  1. As has often been observed by many apologists, there is no reason to live in fear because we all know the end game of these folks is peaceful. I therefore await the time when we see the first of these radical islamic drones released inside the United States and wait for the elite to label it as a random act by some mentally disturbed unemployed.

      1. Just curious …. what changes when the sky suddenly becomes filled with assis (isis) drones? Will living in fear become a little more popular at that point? How come nobody fears terrorism until heads begin to roll in their own neighborhoods? Attitudes change when the reality of scumbag terrorism strikes home. How is that to be explained? As long as the head lopping and the bombing are far far away, it is fashionable to utter these admonitions against living in fear. But the minute something happens next door the idea of fear becomes very attractive. How is that to be explained? When does cavalier turn to pragmatic?

      2. John we can play the “what if” game until the day but it will not change that I will live my life as I always have…..I will adapt if the need arises…I do not believe that our skies will ever become flooded with these drones. Over- reaction is what many Americans do daily…not part of my plan

  2. I wouldn’t put it past the elite to assist the import of an enemy drone, on purpose, so as to better control the population and obtain greater funding from the government for domestic anti-drone technology. They, the owners of “Drones R’ Us” would of course, obtain more wealth. In order for the pattern to break, we need to stop the pattern of escalation.

  3. We have seen lots of news footage of just how effective these ISIS drones are at the moment. Some carry enough explosives to destroy an APC. They are using ‘commercially available’ drones, as well as ‘toy’ drones.
    I am prompted to wonder how they are getting them in Mosul. I doubt Amazon delivers there at the moment. So it begs the question, where are they sourced from?
    Regards, Pete.

  4. Oh boy–I’ve been telling “drones lovers” for years that the US has a huge problem if it keeps up with its drones program, in the sense that the way we were using them and the “collateral damage” we shrugged off meant serious retaliation. They’d blink at me, and i would have to pull out the history book and remind them that the US might come up with something (like the atomic bomb) and we’ll have our monopoly and free usage of it. But we won’t have it forever. some other power or entity will get the tech, too, and then suddenly we’re in a hurry to put up rules. Same thing with drones–we always act like we’ll be the only ones with the tech, that we’ll be on top forever. Makes me wanna bash my head against the wall. Gah!

    1. Trying to use history in your argue these days is counter-productive…..most people have no idea….I have seen that blank stare before….LOL chuq

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