Behind the “Deep State Coup”

A guilty pleasure is some of the conspiracy theories out there in La La Land….since I refuse to go to sites like Infowars or WND I have to find them where I can.

There is one that says that there is a deep struggle between the “Deep State” and the president and his cronies…..and that the Flynn scandal was just the exercise of the hidden power they have……

Below is a look at the “conspiracy”………

The internal struggle between Trump and the “intelligence community” is not evidence of a coup but the sign of a much-welcome split within the ruling classes, a disunity which reveals their weaknesses and reflects the growing strength of the popular anti-Trump movement.

According to the “coup” conspiracy theory, the intelligence community wants to put the US and Russia on a collision course leading to WWIII, but thankfully world peace will be saved by collaboration between Trump and Putin, the heroes of this fable. This imaginary scenario was obviously concocted by experienced Russian propaganda services under the orders of former KGB operative Putin, and it is being propagated by Western Leftists nostalgic for Stalin’s Soviet Union. Their justifiable hatred of  ‘our own’ U.S. imperialism turns them into ‘one-way anti-imperialists,’ victims of the Cold War fallacy that “the enemies of our enemies are friends.”

Source: Behind the “Deep State Coup” – LA Progressive

Interesting theory……but is there are truth behind the accusations?

13 thoughts on “Behind the “Deep State Coup”

  1. “…it is being propagated by Western Leftists nostalgic for Stalin’s Soviet Union.” ??? LOL! Is there even anyone remaining in any organization’s organization chart that remembers Stalin to be nostalgic for it?? That clown died when I was three years old. Not even Putin is old enough to remember Stalin’s Soviet Union!
    Well, here’s the thing with that theory.. the “intelligence community” is whom? Is the assumption that 16 agencies are all pulling together to cooperate with this conspiracy… and there’s no analyst reclusive in some basement cubicle in all those agencies waiting in the wings to be the next Snowden to leak this to the press?
    Sorry. The Rule of Reasonableness applies here. This doesn’t even warrant a Hollywood B movie plot.
    Now.. we all know spies get what they want using the allure of sex. Just get Putin to admit Trump groped him during some visit in the past. At least that’s believable. 🙂

  2. As my only comment for today, & tomorrow, probably, I will merely point out that NONE of what you hear, or read is Truth. Truth comes up & smack you in th face; this stuff is merely hearsay, and bullshit to boot.. and, it simply does not matter at all whether it is true, or not. The simple fact that people are talking about it, just as if it mattered, is doing EXACTLY what those who disseminate such BS want you to do with it, which is to spend all, or much of your mental energy, and your outrage, in futile conversation about stuff they throw out for just that purpose.

    I may be a curmudgeon, but, that seems pretty clear to me, in spite of any possible cynicism that may be a factor. NONE of any of it means anything, because, like a stage magician, they’ve got you looking at the wrong hand….But, then, humans of this day & age seem predisposed to look in the wrong direction; it comes from being trained from birth to pay attention to BS, as if it mattered, or had any reasonable place in reality…

    I don’t feel well today, physically, & I’m going to save my energy to deal with that; the BS from news sources, or politicians, or ‘deep state’ operatives, or whomever wants me to waste my time can go bother someone who will pay attention to it….

    See ya, my friend; politics is poopadoodle, & I have enough trouble with poop in my life right now….

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. You didn’t have to be around at the time to be nostalgic for the Soviet Union, or Stalin for that matter. Old Lefties like me are happy enough to wallow in the nostalgia and iconography of that time, I assure you.
    And he certainly wasn’t a clown (Doug) as anyone who was reluctant to live under his regime would be able to tell you. Be glad he isn’t still around, or the world situation might be very different.

    What is undeniable, is that many people in former Communist countries (The Balkans, Poland, Russia, etc,) are nostalgic for the days when they had better conditions for all, and things like utilities billionaires people trafficking, and criminal gangs were all but unknown. As with the current resurgence of the Right in many countries, one day the Left will probably show its real face again. These things tend to go in cycles.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. My reference to Stalin as being a clown was of course sarcastic. He likely killed more folks than that German Nazi, although he kept it inside his own borders, in general. Also, it’s one thing being nostalgic for the old Soviet Union since Stalin; folks like Putin are certainly going to find those good old days a good reflection of a past fondness of the perception of former Russian power and might.. and state regulation of Soviet life. But I believe the original reference was the suggestion that some people in the intel community have some lingering fondness for the good old Stalin days.. which would have covered the period from the 1920’s to his death in 1953. That was an entirely different Soviet era than later eras… and most people who remember those days are way up in years. Now, if you are suggesting that Lefties like yourself who have some historical affection for Soviet communist life under Stalin (much like some Southern extremists in the U.S. wanting to go back to the slave-owning days of the Old South, even though they never lived at that time), something like “neo-Stalinists”, ok.. I can surrender to that possibility. But… I find it an unlikely that the intel community from any country has clusters of those folks of similar thought sitting around with hidden agendas and secret handshakes.

      1. Sorry, Doug. I misread that your reference was mainly about the intelligence community. I can see why they would adore a return to the ‘old days’. More money for their organisations, justification of their jobs, etc.
        As for being a ‘neo-Stalinist’ that sort-of sums me up! (Hence my other blog)
        Regards, Pete.

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