Closing Thought–23Feb17

There are news stories that are just not important enough to make the evening news….but yet some moronic celeb never has his jersey stolen and it is updated for days…..

In the past I have written about nuclear accidents and other stories that could be a problem for the world in the near future….we all know about Fukashima and that is bout it for nuke mistakes…..but there is nuclear material missing around the world that could make it into a dirty bomb or other weapon….

I try to help my readers stay attuned to these incidents with the hope they they will stay alert and safe…..

I read another report that did not make it into the news…….this time it is Northern Europe……

As mysterious radiation spread over the Arctic and south into Europe last month, conspiracy theorists quickly claimed Russia had restarted nuclear testing at Novaya Zemlya, the Drive reports. But the truth is—probably—a lot less menacing. According to the Independent Barents Observer, a spike in the radioactive isotope Iodine-131 was first measured on the Norway-Russia border in mid-January. But the spike wasn’t made public until later, when it reached France, Science Alert reports. The levels of Iodine-131 weren’t high enough to be a danger to the public, but the isotope is usually connected to nuclear fission, so concern abounded. That concern only deepened when the US, with no explanation, sent its nuclear “sniffing” aircraft to Europe.

Despite the alarm, the radiation bloom probably wasn’t caused by a nuclear explosion. First, there was no seismic activity to go along with the radiation spike. Second, no other radioactive isotopes spiked besides Iodine-131, Motherboard reports. And while a nuclear explosion—or accident—is still a possibility, Norway’s radiation protection agency believes the likely culprit is a pharmaceutical company working with Iodine-131, which is used to treat cancers. It’s still unclear where the radiation originated, with officials only narrowing it down as far as “Eastern Europe,” but medical companies that work with Iodine-131 all have detectors for a leak. So it seems someone out there knows what happened but isn’t talking.

They still no idea where it came from or why…..


7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–23Feb17

  1. We had no idea what we were playing with in the 40’s in regard to radioactive materials. The genie is out of the bottle now, thanks to the U.S., and no one is really aware of the true dangers that it has yet to create. Too many people with radioactive material in the world to make me feel anything close to safe.

    1. So true…and I am always reporting on missing nuke material around the world….Moldova seems to be the hottest place for missing material….no one should feel safe as long as this material still exist.chuq

  2. You’re right chuq, I didn’t hear a word regarding this until this post. Don’t listen to the new all that much but I usually force myself to watch one local and one national broadcast every day or so and this should have staid on for at least as long as the “jersey incident did”. THANX for another disquieting post. What would I do without IST? ~~dru~~

      1. Hi meme slayer…welcome to the gang!
        keep up the good work…getting hot here…We (the gang) were told To ‘go & fuk off’ …
        from your neck of the woods…grin…
        We Brits are not so rude..
        hahaha….oh dear, life!

  3. I live due south of Norway as the wind blows, with nothing in the way.
    Nobody told us anything about this of course. Another secret that has to wait 50 years to be discovered.
    Regards, Pete.

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