2017–Sh*t Happens

Does anyone remember back to the Dark Ages……the Obama years?  2009 the Dems would try to hold their local town halls for a meet and greet with their voters…..they were disastrous….yelling, screaming, chanting and other assorted chaotic meetings.

My my….how history repeats itself.

The Dems were spineless in their 2009 town halls and in 2017 the Repubs have gone spineless at their town halls…..

Republican lawmakers around the country are facing tough and often angry questions from constituents who are packing town hall meetings or showing up at their offices.

Among their grievances is that the GOP plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” with no replacement.

The pushback echoes the same raucous confrontations that Democrats faced in 2009, when tea party activists sprang into action to oppose what they saw as dangerous government overreach by President Barack Obama.

Fascinating!  Both parties catching grief over the same subject only 8 years apart.

What does this tell us?

One, the politicians are finding ways to avoid the voter.

Two, politicians regardless the party are spineless.


16 thoughts on “2017–Sh*t Happens

  1. One day a couple decades or so ago someone got the idea that it was somehow patriotic grass roots nostalgia to hold “town hall” style meetings between the constituency and the elected office holder. I guess it was the idea that the process emulated the pioneer days where a person’s voice could be directly heard.. thus illustrating democracy at work in it’s most basic form. I am sure that back in the good-old-days when the practice of pioneer democracy was pure and unadulterated there was just as much nonsense yelling as there is now. I mean, a local assemblage of citizens screaming about how much of an idiot Trump is to a local congressman is not likely to make that congressman go back to D.C. and scream on the floor of the House that Trump is an idiot because the folks back home told him to say that.
    I don’t see any reason for town halls in this day and age. Just call, write, fax, your congressman. If there’s a particular project or proposition on the ballot that needs public feedback that’s one thing to meet to discuss that. But open discussion town halls just don’t contain the organizational discipline to be constructive.

    I am saying all this even though I am gloating over the idea that the public is not happy with Trump or his cronies.

    1. Contacting as you say does little good…I think this is just so people can feel part of the system…I think they should have to have 5 a year….let the people vent and do what they always do…ignore. chuq

      1. hehe.. well, since I first replied I think I feel a new post brewing.. you got me to thinking about the constructive application of group dynamics. So few elected officials know how to control/moderate a meeting crowd. Not that I am any sort of a public speaking guru I do have a sense for this kind of thing from observation. I guess you got me to thinking this time. 🙂

  2. To me, it seems the point missed is Congress has failed to do its job. It isn’t a Republican or Democratic thing, its the whole shebang! No matter who’s in power, obstructionism and partisan politics takes precedence over the will of the people to have their highly paid and privileged Senators and Representatives (many of whom make fortunes while in Congress well in excess of what they should be able to make on their salar0ies paid by you and my taxes….) simply work together for the best possible outcomes to resolve what really matters to people of all political stripes: security without loss of Constitutional freedoms; an infrastructure that isn’t collapsing around us; Social Security funds that aren’t robbed to pay for adventures abroad; health care that assures everyone can afford to seek it when in need; truthfulness when responding to the people’s concerns; clean environment not up for grabs by corporate interests; a better distribution of wealth instead of money baggery by oligarchs, a la Russian model, post USSR; honesty and transparency at all levels of government; and, while the Legislative Branch is a major problem, can I leave out the Executive Branch in this rant? – finally, choice in elections between honest, decent candidates, not two seriously flawed characters, especially one who is a blinking amateur with zero qualifications for the job! Geez! Am I, are we the people asking for too f’ing much?! Senators, Congressmen and -women, President and staff, DO YOUR GD F’ING JOBS! Can’t you see you’ve pissed off people from all ideological stripes, that you protect your jobs, but neglect the duties you are charged to do.

  3. Dems in power, people complain. Repubs in power, people complain. Partisan politics would go away if we didn’t have only two parties and a lobbyist force as large as some branches of military.

      1. I think we miss the idea that democracy, by it’s nature, is in fact divisive… or polarizing, if that’s another word to call it. I have an opinion, you have an opinion.. hence we are divisive. Admittedly our current national “divisiveness” is enthusiastic and with great passion (more so on the one side that has somehow always felt left out). Assuming the role of any president is to “heal the divisiveness”.. well, frankly I’d not want someone trying to remedy democracy. These enhanced passions are cyclical but are not, by themselves, some great problem to remedy. Focus on the issues that make the divide.. not the divisiveness itself. My disappointment as an American is that 42%, 46%, 38%, whatever the popular poll of the weeks says, of my fellow Americans are in such personal turmoil over their own existence that they have elected into office someone who has NO qualification whatsoever to serve in that role and will most assuredly disappoint his own supporters in the end. Those of you who simply want to tear it all down and start over… does that mean a start-over according to YOUR definition of democracy?

      2. I assume that is a generic “you”…..these towhalls are nothing but theater…they served their purposes a century ago…now it is just theater…..at least to me…I cannot see their purpose other than photo ops….chuq

  4. Seems to me like nothing changes, anywhere. They hold public meetings to hear the ‘voice of the people’, then they go away and ignore that voice. Same thing here. Maybe if they had listened, you wouldn’t have had the backlash that got you Trump as president.
    Regards, Pete.

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