New Eyes Of NatSec

I am a foreign policy wink and that also makes me interested in the policies that decide our national security.  We have a had a bit of a tumultuous month on that front….the original appointee had to cut and run and now the president has named a new guy to the position of NatSec adviser…..Gen. McMaster.

I am antiwar and do not much appreciate those that are heavily invested in the M-IC….but in this case McMaster may be the best person for the job at this point in the Trump tenure.

In reporting on President Trump’s appointment of H.R. McMaster to the post of national security adviser, the New York Times referred to Lieutenant General McMaster as a “military strategist.” Precisely what this phrase is meant to convey is not entirely clear. In profiling McMaster, the Times does not credit him with having originated some Big Idea akin to Alfred Thayer Mahan’s theory of seapower or Billy Mitchell’s conception of strategic bombing.

In all likelihood, Times editors use the phrase “military strategist” loosely to mean something like “a soldier who thinks.” Or more crudely, “not a knuckle-dragger.” Or “preferable to the cretin who Trump just fired.” By conferring on McMaster the title of military strategist, the Times signals its approval.

Source: The Duty of General McMaster | The American Conservative

That article will fill in the blanks on McMaster and he will most likely be at odds with the “Big Cheese” at the White House, Bannon……

When America’s most influential Islamophobes are upset, you know the president made a good choice. “Score one from the swamp,” whined Robert Spencer upon hearing the news that Donald Trump appointed Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster to be his new national security adviser. Spencer makes a living scaring Americans about the dangers of Muslim soccer moms. “John Bolton lost out to this guy?” sputtered his frequent partner in whine, Pamela Geller, who scoffed at the general for saying, “Every time you disrespect an Iraqi, you’re working for the enemy.”

Source: McMaster Has the Islamophobes Worried. Good. – POLITICO Magazine

McMaster’s duties besides advising the president on national security issues are many…he needs to head some of the more disastrous thoughts off at the pass (so to speak)…..

At a time when the Trump administration continues to spark an immediate and growing national security crises due to mismanagement and reckless policies, the national security community felt great relief at the president’s selection of Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as the next national security advisor. McMaster will be tasked with resolving a number of serious foreign policy blunders already committed by the new administration. President Trump must ensure that McMaster has the authority and tools to deal with the following seven problems.

Source: McMaster’s Challenge: His Boss Is Already Making America Less Safe – Center for American Progress

McMaster has an unenviable job within the Trump White House and this may be the best person for that job….for now.

His actions will bear watching to see if he is truly the man described or just another toad in the yellow stained road of Trump.


6 thoughts on “New Eyes Of NatSec

  1. While I want to question the sense of someone WANTING to serve in the Trump administration at all, somewhere deep inside me I find a little solace in the fact that someone with talent and experience still wants to serve.. and hopefully they represent the cooler and wiser minds that might keep Trump from diving completely into the abyss of ignorant diplomacy. On the other hand, if his appointees are just figurehead positions then we all be going nowhere.

    1. I agree and that is why I am watching McMasters…..if he is the man I think he is he will not be long for the position unless Trump starts relying on others…which is a scenario that does not look promising….chuq

  2. I believe that it is of great importance to have someone with proper experience and knowledge of military strategy and foreign relations in such a position seeing as the President holds great power in that arena; a concept that the general public seems to overlook when they focus solely on domestic affairs. Some of the damage that may come from an inexperienced head of state can be halted, so to speak, if a person with a greater understanding is advising, so on this aspect I feel that you have made a truly salient point.

    1. True but that depends on how receptive the leader is…..I hope ears are open to the knowledge imparted….thanx for the visit and comment….always nice to have new readers….chuq

  3. McMaster may well be the best option for that job. But I suspect that if he doesn’t say some of the right things, he won’t keep his position for too long.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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