Closing Thought–09Feb17

Where Has The Anti-War Movement Gone?

As a young man and combat veteran I became a staunch anti-war activist that continues to this day….in my protest days the movement against war was a strong presence and slowly but slowly the idea of anti-war has died….there are a few of us left that speak out but for the most part the movement is dead.

Many of us have the same feelings and beliefs we have held all along but the movement around us just shriveled up and died…for lack of a better explanation…..

Sadly the death of this movement was brought about by the media and the Left, who in the day supported it…that is until it got its way and then it became just as pro war as the other party.

But what would explain this?  The video below attempts to answer any questions you may have about this movement and its lack of support these days.

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More history for you…..this musical interlude comes from a lesser known group of the “Acid Rock” days……


7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–09Feb17

  1. I know one way the right helped kill it–accusing anyone who protested the war for being against the troops. I used to see the knee jerk reaction and yelling start when someone commented on being against the war. It didn’t occur to many of them that you can be against a war but FOR the troops…hell, best way to support the troops is bring ’em home, and don’t send ’em out again UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! Better yet, take care of ’em when they get back home, dammit–that’s the agreement we made, isn’t it? Gah!

    I agree that the sheer number of little wars started and (ended?) during and after Bush and then Obama, all merged together mentally (thanks for the video clip–helpful). I wonder if a lot of the problem was the protesters’ giving up when the massive war protests against the “big wars” had no impact, that they didn’t think the little ones would be stopped either. Hell, some of these wars I forgot about because they just weren’t talked about unless in retrospect. I mean, Iraq and Afghanistan were it, and now all these other countries are on and off the radar.

    I admit, I haven’t had the ability to watch the news as often as I want the past few years, and had to cancel my news magazine subscriptions (which were helpful in letting me find patterns and play catch up), but sheesh–all these countries,. WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING?!

    1. O read that more Americans are checking into alt political parties…that could be a start of bringing back the protests and the the anti-war movement….chuq

  2. An interesting theory that seems to apply mainly to the USA. Over here, the country was split by the anti-war faction, and the ‘Support the troops’ faction. They still march against wars (especially Syria) in large cities, but it does seem that other issues, such as Racism, Homophobia, and AIDS, can rally just as much popular support.
    Regards, Pete.

  3. Maybe the media figured out during the recession that the “defense-economy” was the only one generating jobs that they were aware of, so stopping the flow would be a bad idea. Didn’t occur to them to try and show other economic efforts going on that might’ve been working out alright for all we know.

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