Eye On North Korea

Finally I get to return to my first passion international relations……our man in DC will now have his hands full….Russia is still a huge question mark…..South China Sea will begin to boil from the simmer we have now…..and we all know what he says about ISIS….but the most pressing situation may be none of the above…..

For last couple of months we have had lots of finger pointing internationally at Russia and China…..plus threat after threat has been leveled at several Asian countries…..but while everyone is shaking their heads maybe we should be watching that contentious peninsula and North Korea….

They, NK, have been a thorn in Washington’s ass for decades and now they may be extending their nuclear “research”…..

Pyongyang may be preparing to resume operations of its plutonium reactor for the first time since late 2015, 38 North, a website on North Korean affairs, said Wednesday.

Citing commercial satellite imagery collected from October 2016 to January 2017, the website wrote: “Stepped-up activities throughout the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center indicate that it is operating at a level of somewhat above what has been observed during the past five years and that may continue in the future.”

Source: North Korea May Be Starting Plutonium Reactor | World Affairs Journal

This could be rumor and/or propaganda….but this is a threat to take seriously………

Hopefully the East Asian Desk is paying attention with all the chaos of a new admin….things can be missed…..

The time for cheer leading is over….time for someone to get serious…..time for the slower thinking bobble heads to move aside and let those more serious about the world to run things…..


2 thoughts on “Eye On North Korea

  1. It is always nice to have an ‘unstable enemy’ to worry about.
    Just when it seemed we were running out of them, the good old DPRK steps back up to the plate.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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