Whatsa “Selfie” Worth?

Smile it is the weekend and take a “selfie” of yourself…you made it through another week of mindless media rhetoric.

Speaking of a “selfie”…..you know that cute little thing that has become popular with the invention of the smart phone…. there are even “selfie” sticks so you can get some height and I even heard that there will be a “selfie” drone…..sorry I do not do these trendy things…..I do not like looking at myself in a mirror so I will not waste my time taking photos of myself…..

To answer the question…is a selfie worth losing everything you may have accumulated?  There is the possibility.

But there is something even creepier about a “selfie”……

Justin Bieber will need to watch his bank statements. Flashing the two- finger peace sign in photographs could soon be the equivalent of inking your account details on your forehead, experts have warned.

Isao Echizen, of the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, said that the quality of smartphone cameras had reached the level where fingerprints that can trick biometric security devices could be obtained from casual snaps posted on social media.

Source: Photos are a giveaway for fingerprint fraudsters | News | The Times & The Sunday Times

But will they heed the warning?  Nope, Americans are too smart to get caught in this trap.


Nothing huh?

Me?  I will use it as I use all my phones….make calls.

Then by George take some time and enjoy your day…see you guys tomorrow……Peace


7 thoughts on “Whatsa “Selfie” Worth?

  1. You need some pretty damn good equipment to enlarge a picture of a fingerprint and then reproduce it in enough detail to trick a finger print scanner. I think we’re still a few years off on widespread exploitation and hopefully the industry has an answer (the IoT thing doesn’t make me confident). I actually just got a new phone this weekend and have utilized the finger print security system. It’s nice to not have to enter a ping code or pattern unlock. I hate to have my picture being taken as well, so there isn’t any finger prints you can lift from over here 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. I have another scary conspiratorial concern about this: “Not only can today’s cameras catch details of fingerprints but I think they can also analyze those fingerprints with certain top secret applications and make a very frighteningly accurate clone of a person’s DNA structure and just imagine what they could do with that if they wanted to. I mean with these new 3-D printers, anything is possible.

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