The Library Of Chuq

The weekend begins and as usual I try to find something….anything….that is not related to the dismal week that is passing….I saw a photo on Twitter and made me think of something my daughter had said awhile back…..

There was the famous Library At Alexandria…now we have the Library of Chuq…..

I have always been a book fan and over the years have accumulated in the neighborhood of 3000 books….not one of them is a work of fiction.  My subjects range from politics, history, economics, Middle East and International relations…Hell I have more books on some subjects than my local library.

Chuq’s Rule

I think,


I write

A few years back I was considering selling my house and moving to a smaller one and my daughter got tickled….she said that it would take a separate semi just to move my books….(this is where the photo I mentioned earlier comes in)……

It is sort of accurate when you consider that the bulk of my books came from Amazon…..

My grandfather so many years ago told me that there was NO better way to learn something than from books….and by God the old guy was right.

When I finally go down I worry about my books…..the house and car and any cash I have left is not as important to me as these books.  Remember that you are NEVER too old to learn.

Thanx guys for letting me share that bit of Chuq with you and now go out and enjoy your Saturday…..

12 thoughts on “The Library Of Chuq

  1. I have the same concern about my books. I have quite a number (not as large as yourself) and my other half has no interest in them. When I go – what do you suggest I do with them? My library will sell them; the National WWII Museum is accepting the books on WWII, but what about all the others? Any ideas?

    1. I wish I had a good idea….I have the same problems as you….it is my concern also…..if I have an idea I will let you know but for now I am trying to get my family interested in them…have a good Saturday be well and be safe….chuq

  2. Thanks for the entertaining article chuq, I have many books accumulated over the years. My oldest book is passed on by my great father in law written in 1919, first edition of “History of the Fifty Fifth Field Artillery Brigade”. I also have books sent to me by blogger friends, I cherish those too.
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. My oldest book was published in 1898 and I have several that are 50-75 years old….these I keep in special covers to protect them…..enjoy your weekend….chuq

  3. Some biblical “wisdom” for you: Ec. 12:12 … “of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.” Interpreted: Ignorance is Bliss! Now you know where God’s Own Party gets their infallible information from.

  4. I have books unread, resting in boxes in the garage and loft. They dwell alongside many others that have been read, some more than once. On the shelves behind me are yet more books, including some I got at Christmas 2016. When I was young, books were like treasure to me. I simply cannot bear to part with any. When I am gone, they may well end up in a skip. But that will be another persons decision, not mine.

    When Amazon start selling cars, they will need a box as big as that!

    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. If I try to pack up my books in this house then the box would need to be twice that size…LOL 3rooms in my house have bookshelves from ceiling to floor and I have run out of room…have a good day, my friend….chuq

  5. My house is built from books, or should I say the contents of the books, not the house! In fact I should start this comment again as it makes no sense.
    I love my books, they are my backup when the internet fails and I somehow trust what a book says more than an article on the internet.

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