Tea For The Tillerson–Redux

I have said many times that the most important position in the new cabinet forming is that of the SecState…….and as the confirmation hearings begin for the Trump nominee, Tillerson, it might be a good idea to get a handle on his positions on different issues…but first during his confirmation hearing Sen. Rubio stated when he wanted Tillerson to call Putin a war criminal……

Rubio addressed that relationship immediately, asking Tillerson if he’d label Putin a “war criminal.” When Tillerson replied that he “would not use that term,” Rubio described the deaths of 300,000 Chechen Republic civilians in Putin-ordered bombings and the killing of civilians in Aleppo by Russia-backed Syria. Tillerson hedged, saying he’d need to see classified information first. “None of this is classified,” the New York Times quotes Rubio as replying. “People are dead.”

Wait!  I do not support this guy but this is a bit hypocritical…..would you label Obama a war criminal for the civilian deaths drone strikes cause?

Onward to Tillerson on the issues……

Rex Tillerson is a bit of a cipher on U.S. foreign policy, unless you view international relations purely through the lens of energy interests.

As the former chief executive officer and chairman of ExxonMobil Corp., Tillerson has vast experience dealing with foreign governments, security threats, as well as the State Department. But as an oilman, his goal was solely financial profit, not furthering the interests of the United States. “I had to do what’s best for my shareholders,” Tillerson told shocked State Department officials in 2011 after ignoring their pleas not to circumvent Iraq’s central government by making a deal directly with Iraqi Kurds. During his professional career, Tillerson has largely judged success through dollar figures, not nebulous measures such as whether a foreign state is becoming more democratic or more human rights friendly.

Source: Tillerson on the issues – POLITICO

Our reputation on the international stage and we had best pick the right person for the job…..I do not think this is the right person.


6 thoughts on “Tea For The Tillerson–Redux

  1. Rubio asking Tillerson if Putin should be a “war criminal”, SMH. As you said, put Obama on the same stage and call him a war criminal too as I’m sure there are many thousands more people who died as a result of the 7 conflicts we started in the Middle East.

    The lack of engagement from the American people in the voting process has produced this financially corrupt government controlled by the wealthy corporations that “donate” in order to get laws passed that benefit them, not the American people. Whatever happens over the next four years is squarely on the non-voters and misinformed of this country.

    Tillerson is NOT the right choice.

    1. I agree about the next 4 years…but we will not get one of those supporters to admit it…..Tillerson will not make it if the 3 GOPers are being honest and not just grand-standing….Rubio, Graham and McCain….they can keep him out…chuq

  2. Politicians rarely make the right choices when it comes to appointing people in new administrations. The same applies as much in the UK, as it does in America. The probable truth is that they are, 1) repaying favours from the campaign, and, 2) Simply told who will get the jobs, by those really in power.
    Regards, Pete.

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