When Is History Not History?

So begins the first full weekend in a new year…..and it is colder than a well diggers ass in Idaho…..I will hunker down drink coffee and make home-made corn chowder (grandma’s recipe) and enjoy the time AFK (away from keyboard)……

My only post today will be about my fave subject….HISTORY.

All that know me know that I am history buff…..and for my readers a bit of a pain in the butt with all my historical perspectives……(tee hee).  For sometime I have been bitching about the History Channel that airs very little history.  Most Hitler stuff….I think most everyone knows what a dick he was and since we are in the middle of the 100 year anniversary of World War One it would make good sense to air some shows about that horrible war….inform the public that the world we know today started with that war.

But NO!  We have new series on….you guessed….Adolf Hitler.

But instead they air shows about modern day dumpster divers, assholes that cut down old growth trees, trucks driving in Canada and other such “historic” happenings.

And then there is the Military Channel that was re-named the American Heroes Channel (AHC)…but yet they air shows about gangsters, outlaws, gunslingers, family feuds and the rest of the total bullshit from our history…..and even some….you guessed it….Hitler.  Not a hero in the bunch.

Okay I have rattled on a bit much…the reason I am posting this is because it seems that a GOPer whom I have had NOTHING nice to say about agrees with my bitching about the History Channel…..

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) railed against the History Channel’s original programming, on Thursday, suggesting “if you don’t like history” you should watch one of the channel’s top rated shows, “Pawn Stars.”

Source: GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley rails against ‘no history’ History Channel

Go figure the old professor agreeing with someone in the GOP….a miracle of miracles…..(that should be historic)

Reality bullshit has invaded history….Hell reality bullshit has invade all aspects of life……how sad for this society and the world.

Stay warm and have a good Saturday…..Peace out my friends.


43 thoughts on “When Is History Not History?

  1. I find the History Channel merely replays the history that the government authorized many years ago. I quit watching it a while back.

      1. No they do not….like the one about Korea when they call it US first war with communism…was not..that was 1920’s…

  2. Oh Teacher, Oh Teacher, OOOOhhhh TEACH; i know, i know, i know the answer to that.
    History is not History when it is interesting! hee hee hee ~~dru~~
    “Yes, i do know the way to the Principal’s office.”

      1. Wellllllll, we maybe expecting a little rain and it must be close to 32 degrees here at 4:30 am but then again it was well over 70 degrees and sunny all of the Epiphany; so the day to come may be just fine and a great day for taking down my lights and such outside. Always wait ’til the Feast of the 3-Kings before turning off Xmas. You keep warm and chow down on that chowder. Corn chowder was one of her favorites too but my sisters have her recipe since I don’t cook. ~~dru~~

  3. I think most of the contemporary (current)(stuff that is being programmed now) is more than likely some kind of ignoramusinarian attept to make people think of Trump and Hitler in the same breath. The broadcast media can be very subtle sometimes. They will run all the Hitler stuff and then somewhere down the road they will gently start insinuating (Not actually saying but insinuating) the comparisons they want you to make between Hitler and Trump. I have seen some of that in action already. The broadcast media is controlled mostly on the Left you must remember.

      1. I have not seen any of it while watching the shows but then I watch only the historic stuff not the crappy after shows…I am sure someone is comparing somewhere…but it is a worthless waste of ink…

      1. As I have watched and listened to the general reception of the idea of Trump as president by the media and a lot of groups and some of the already electeds in our government I have growing suspicions that Trump’s own “Suspicions” about having enemies everywhere is kind of empirical. How can you not agree?

      2. Empirical to him maybe. What’s empirical to me watching him behave is that we all know he has a huge personal issue with criticism and it’s apparent much of his available attention will be going toward dealing with this in a way kids do on a playground. I can’t help but imagine what he’s going to do in his first real press conference.. and the press just eats him up. Also, when the favor-ability polls start coming out.. yikes. Sure.. you can ignore all those polls and proclaim the “enemies” thing.. but in the end.. people do use them as a measure. Remember, a lot more people didn’t vote for him than did. On the other hand.. presidential terms are never predictable because there are so many unexpected variables that can change everything. He just might stumble into doing something that makes popular sense.

  4. Yeah, for literally decades I’ve referred to the History Channel as The Hitler Channel. When not doing ten year old re-runs of Histories Mysteries with Arthur Kent they toss out this crap.. Hunting Hitler… and I dunno.. maybe it’s Discovery or the Military Channel.. they all come from the same network. Funny thing is, for as nuts as I find the concept.. I watch it and then bitch about it all the way through to my better half. I told her one evening that if the Nazis were to ever rise again in some Fourth Reich I want the job as swastika maker. No matter where these guys go they manage to find some crap with a swastika on it. So these legions of displaced Nazis must have had a guy who’s job it was just to piss-mark their territory with the gratuitous swastika.
    Then there’s that special forces guy.. who looks at four crumbling cement walls and declares “this had to be a fortification with the only purpose of defending an important, high ranking Nazi official.” And then there’s Bob Baer and that other guy sitting comfortably in their nice warm office somewhere in the states. Their job is to access some strange database with anything ever mentioned about Nazis since time began.. draw some conclusion… “Wow.. that means Admiral Douchebach talked to a guard who spilled the beans to another guard, who had a sister of the maid to Himmler… and she lived in Dingleberry, Holland.. right on the coast where U-boats were seen coming and going!” Let’s send the team!” Yeah.. like I usually mumble.. “Let’s send the team.. and we will wait here.”
    I am constantly yelling at the TV.. “Hitler killed himself in the bunker in 1945, jerks, because that was his psych profile.” Ugh!

    Yet.. I still watch this shit. 🙂
    How many times can you re-run World War II in Color?

    1. The same thing happens at my house….I watched one episode of hunting Hitler and had to laugh….one of the guys I knew from my time in the Middle East…he worked as a spy in those days….I still do not understand why they are not showing more WW1 stuff after all it was a 100 years ago that the modern world was formed….have a good Saturday….chuq

      1. Demos also in Bremerhaven against Nato & wars paid for by tax payers..again..

  5. ps..not pleasant viewing but viewing needed….Nazi Oaks also covers the economics of the day…so at the beginning of the utube vid…they got it slightly wrong…it appeared to be successful…
    ta for now..

  6. I could subscribe to The History Channel, but choose not to for many of the reasons you outline so well. Instead, I have the free channel called ‘Yesterday’. Lots of Hitler stuff, reflections of 60s pop music, and occasional archaeology digs too. Too much advertising though, so I rarely bother with it.

    Luckily, we have the BBC. Excellent documentaries, ongoing features about WW1, examinations of Ancient Rome, Tudor England, Elizabethan Europe, The Victorian Era, and so on. And no advertising.

    Best wishes, Pete.

  7. I agree with you 100%. I personally prefer learning about the Second World War but that is because I have been brought up learning about it. I feel that history is so important and more and more people are focused on watching television on mobiles and tablets so new material needs to be made!!

    1. THanx for the visit and the comment….I cannot believe how WW1 is being ignored by these channels…I am always throwing some history at my readers…hope to see you often….chuq

  8. How do you feel about “creative history?” I don’t mean the history of alternative facts but rather the attempt to tell an historically accurate story in an engaging fashion by adding dialog, non-essential details, and so on. I’m writing the life of my grandparents, Gaston B. Means and his much-loved wife, Julie Patterson Means. Gaston has been written about many times, but he never revealed much of his family life, and that is the perspective I’m privy to. Talk about a dysfunctional love story!

    1. Sounds fascinating I would love to read the final edition…I would like to thank you for your visit and your comment….good luck with your endeavor….chuq

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