Closing Thought–06Jan17

I thought I would do something different today…a musical interlude…..I have had enough of the trolls and idiots for this week…….

One of the best blues guitarists that you have never heard of…..

Ana Popovic….I must take my leave there is a winter storm brewing and lots of crap is going on……TTFN….(tah tah for now)……ENJOY!

Everybody please enjoy your weekend….chuq


15 thoughts on “Closing Thought–06Jan17

      1. I had not heard Ana until a few years ago, a friend blogger posted her version of Brick House…I was hooked!

      2. and a good blanket, hot cocoa, I could go on…It is in the high 70’s here but Sunday we are preparing for a dip into the fifties, I have my woolens out. 🙂

  1. Thanks… two great cuts… We’re supposed to get hit with rain for a week, from a huge storm moving in from the Pacific… Currently, it’s almost noon, & only 42… Gonna be a cold week…. Have a good one, bro…


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