The “Wall” Of Today

I was wondering how long it would take to back peddle from one of Trump’s biggest applause and chants….”Build the wall”….”Build the wall”……”and make Mexico pay for it”…..thunderous applause and minutes of delirious chanting……

I did not have to wait very long….it did not make it to 20Jan17 and the official start of the Trump presidency……

Donald Trump is apparently keeping his promise to build a “big, beautiful wall” on the border with Mexico, but dropping the part about making Mexico pay for it. Insiders tell Politico that Trump’s transition team is working with Republican leaders on a plan to sidestep the need for new legislation by asking Congress to fund the wall under a George W. Bush-era law authorizing 700 miles of “physical barrier.” The sources say Republicans are considering adding wall funding to a spending bill that must pass by the end of April. They believe Democrats are unlikely to threaten a government shutdown to fight the move—especially since President Obama and Hillary Clinton were among the senators that voted in favor of the 2006 law.

GOP lawmakers declined to confirm to CNN whether Trump is planning to use taxpayer dollars to build he wall, but Trump himself had a response to the story. “The dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the Great Wall (for sake of speed), will be paid back by Mexico later!” he tweeted Friday morning. Reuters reports that a sheriff in Massachusetts has suggested using prison inmates from around the country to build the wall. “I can think of no other project that would have such a positive impact on our inmates and our country than building this wall,” Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, a Republican, said at his swearing-in ceremony this week.

The question is…will he build this wall?  Does anyone think this will truly stop the flow of immigrants leaving the country?

And will Mexico cave and without protests pay for something the US builds?


11 thoughts on “The “Wall” Of Today

  1. the only way this kind of wall will work is if there is a “No Mans Land” somewhere very near it and a lot of concertina wire, a few landmines and some machine gun towers. Now there is a deterrent!

  2. I won’t put in the long, deep laugh this gave me. How in the world do they think this will ever do anything but act as a distraction is beyond comprehension. Mexico will soon be completely broke; Pemex is crashing as we write today, & they won’t be able to afford to feed their own greedy politicians, much less anyone else’s. Then, there is the simple math to observe, when the statistics on the # of people leaving show they’re leaving faster than they’re trying to get in…as well as receiving fewer applications for admission. This doesn’t even address the simple fact that immigrants form a large part of the economy that will actually work, and usually for reduced wages.

    It’s all the usual ‘kosseh sher’ (bullshit, in Farsi…), all a way to wring money out of the people, & into the political pockets…

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Plus there seems to be a trickle of immigrants going home….but that does not fit the paradigm of they are here only for free stuff….chuq

      1. More than a trickle; more going back to Mexico than are coming in, for a couple years now… The number of American retiring overseas is also rising fast, double in just a year or two…

        But, those numbers won’t get around much…

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