Rise of the American Mercenary

From time to time my friends at Ace News Room will publish an op-ed of mine…..below is one that I have been ranting about for a decade now…..

I have been very verbal on what I think of private “security contractors” or what they really are…mercenaries……

But first….a mercenary?

The word “mercenary” comes from the Latin “merces,” which means “wages” or “fee.” Thus, taken literally, a mercenary is any person who serves merely for wages. Although this definition could apply to many of us in the working world, it’s most closely associated with the professional soldier, or someone who is hired by a political entity to fight in a conflict. That conflict could be a war, a coup attempt or a prohibition campaign designed to reduce illegal drug trade.

(read on……)

Source: Rise of the American Mercenary | Ace News Room

15 thoughts on “Rise of the American Mercenary

  1. I stopped following Ace News when I could no longer stomach the fake news put out as truth and traced back to The Rifleman.

      1. And, unfortunately, as History has shown, it won’t involve those who already have the big bucks either because they will escape with their many and diverse deferments and the poor will fight the wars like always.

      2. These people are chasing bucks if it were anything else they would stay in the military and do the job that they pretend is a noble cause….yes they are getting rich, these mercs….some make as much as $3000 a day with no taxes…not a bad day’s pay….

  2. To be accurate, just label everyone in a capitalist society as mercenary, for that is what they are. All that’s needed is to add the correct slave collar they wear, such as mercenary warrior, mercenary cook, mercenary lawyer (I know, redundancy sucks, but, it’s still accurate), mercenary athlete, etc. People have a tendency to over-label things, and don’t really think about how it sounds, or what it means; it’s easier to adopt a false idea as true, than it is to explore the truth of the matter… Or to not group things, especially people, into labeled categories, then assuming we have the issue understood…

    But, most of the bell curve never thinks at all, so, when they do, it hurts….

      1. Well, me, either.. but, that’s how everyone in this society has been raised to be: Aristotle knew it, when he said, “All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.” Just having to deal with money places the tools for corruption into everyone’s hands, and minds… which sets the stage for political corruption, and corruption in virtually ever walk of life that touches on money at all…

        It’s what I believe to be the Triad of Evil in our world; the triple delusions of money, religion, and politics, none of which exist, except in our minds… Stupid fucking apes will get sucked into anything; I’m amazed we’re not still living in caves….


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