The Interventionists’ Double Standards

These days we have interventionist everywhere….and each one tries to justify American adventurism in different ways… party is immune from this propaganda.

Our government only mentions a situation when they want to throw our weapons and military at it and use some humanitarian bullshit to get us involved.  And then seldom admits that our intervention is part of the problems that result (famine, deaths and chaos)…..

Matt Purple comments on the disparity between Western outrage over the carnage in Aleppo and general indifference to comparably horrible events in Africa:

None of this should be read as a case for nation building or military intervention in Africa. It’s meant merely to marvel at the most glaring hypocrisy of our foreign policy, a blind spot that blots out an entire continent, which bestows the status of global supervillain on Bashar al-Assad while Salva Kiir remains an unknown. The West has a double standard when it comes to Africa.

Purple is certainly correct about that Western media and interventionist political leaders respond to the terrible effects of conflicts in various parts of the world very differently, but the way that responsibility is assigned for these effects is even more telling. It has become commonplace to blame Obama for the horrors of Syria’s war because he “allowed” them to happen or “failed” to stop them, which takes for granted that the U.S. has both the authority and the ability to halt or at least ameliorate the effects of foreign civil wars at an acceptable cost. Obama is almost never faulted for his role in helping to stoke the conflict, because that doesn’t fit the bogus “withdrawal” narrative that his hawkish critics want to promote. It would also require acknowledging that the U.S. is already involved in the war and its involvement has only made things worse (as opponents of our involvement said it would).

Source: The Interventionists’ Double Standards | The American Conservative

Our interventionism is hurting the world and it is time for the US to re-think their total involvement in others conflicts….especially those that offer NO danger to the continental US….

Can we expect more of the same in the coming years?

6 thoughts on “The Interventionists’ Double Standards

  1. I’ve been opposed to interventions by the U.S. in foreign governments and countries since we had a re-do of the Gulf War, that is *still* a conflict we’re involved with. The arrogance the U.S. government has with other countries and the snow job the MSM has done with the American people is appalling. We, the American people, put too much trust in our government to do what is best for us. They actually have a track record of doing what’s best for them and just screw over the American people. More of “us” need to wake up and see the world for how it truly is instead of the MSM rose colored world that is portrayed.

      1. I understand…that is why I usually take the weekends off…..after a week of brain drain it needs time to recharge…chuq

  2. Yes, we may expect more to come in the future, because nobody is going to do anything differently. If they did, they’d first have to admit being wrong, & 98% of the human race can’t admit when they’re wrong, or, often, will deny ever being wrong. Double standards are status quo in this world, my friend…

    gigoid, the dubious

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