From Dead Drops To Hacking

Everyone that visits IST regularly knows that do enjoy my history and dropping a bit of historical perspective from time to time.

So how can I change that in this New Year.

Since the “hacking” by the Russians there seems to be a bit of interests in the spy game as they say… let me drop some more history on you guys about the spying by the Russians over the decades…..

From sleeper agents in suburban America to an assassination in London and hacking of the US presidential election, the list of alleged activities by Soviet and Russian spies abroad is long.

Following US accusations that Russian spies tipped the vote in President-elect Donald Trump’s favour — by stealing Democratic Party information — here are some of the most brazen operations in the West.

Source: Flash – From dead drops to hacking: Moscow spies on world stage – France 24

Come on…..a beautiful redhead…..make me write bad checks….


11 thoughts on “From Dead Drops To Hacking

  1. *smile*

    Fun… I’m reminded of this one, from an arch-conservative: “It had all the earmarks of a CIA operation; the bomb killed everyone in the room but the target.” — William F. Buckley


      1. He sat on the curve at the lip of the bell, for sure… Helps to have some basic smarts… even for a conservative…

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