Does Syria Have A Future?

Note:  I have a massive amount of “drafts” in waiting… we start a new year I need to drop some on you guys and clean out the file….hopefully these will give my readers something to consider…….there is so much about to happen that I need the space…..please bear with me.

Now moving on to the rest of the day……

Most Americans are aware of the situation in Syria…but not all.  The destruction of the country is of little concern of us but it is paramount to anyone living in Syria or that has family in the war torn country.

There is a ceasefire….well a partial ceasefire…..

There are some that like to look at a way to solve any further complications once this civil war is over…..I have written a couple of posts about a possible future….


As you can see most of the “solutions” have little to do with saving Syria but rather dividing it up that will cause even more problems down the road…

Our new president has offered up a plan…..well sort of a plan…..

Donald Trump’s “Thank You” tour rolled into Hershey, Pa., Thursday night, where he promised to do something to end suffering in Syria. “When I look at what’s going on in Syria, it’s so sad,” he said, per the New York Times. “It’s so sad, and we’re going to help people.” He promised to “build and help build safe zones in Syria, so people will have a chance,” and said Gulf states would help pay for the move. Analysts have warned that such a move could set up a confrontation with Russia, and the Times notes that this is the first time Trump has repeated his “safe zones” promise since he started receiving security briefings.

Just where would these so-called “safe zones” be located?  Or how would the “safety” be guaranteed?

These are more campaign promises than an actual plan.


22 thoughts on “Does Syria Have A Future?

  1. Well first you build a wall all around the safe zones and then you get some ones????? to pay for it. Then you figure out how to get people to leave their unsafe zones for a walled city and then you bring in a shit load of troops to man those walls, cuz remember these walls have to encircle the whole of the “safe Zones” not just cut one area off from another along a boarder; then you have to figure out how to govern and for that matter WHO governs those safe zones and after that well it is a piece of cake. ~~dru~~

    1. Nope…there was time that it was peaceful there…I live there during those days…..we made the problems we have today..but we I mean the West

      1. In 1980….I lived in Aleppo and there was NO fighting….but I am sure wiki knows far better than anyone who was there.

      2. THat can be said about the US also….as so many want to say it is in the DNA….all humans and then what is meant by “short period of time”….

      3. 1980 was anything but a peaceful time in Allepo … riots everywhere … attempted assassination of Assad … etc., etc., — and yes, “It” could be said of the US also — or of Zimbabwe or of Congo or of France (The Revolution) — or of anywhere … but we are not talking about all them … we are talking about one specific geographical area …. where there was plenty of upheaval in the timeframe you referenced here. … namely 1980.

      4. Is this the “Peace” in 1980 that you are talking about? —1980 – After the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Muslim groups instigate uprisings and riots in Aleppo, Homs and Hama. Assad begins to stress Syria’s adherence to Islam. Syria profile
        Statue of Hafez al-AssadImage copyrightAFP
        Hafez al-Assad brought stability, but did so through repression
        Obituary: Syria’s shrewd master
        Syria profile
        1980 – Muslim Brotherhood member tries to assassinate Assad.
        1980 September – Start of Iran-Iraq war. Syria backs Iran, in keeping with the traditional rivalry between Baathist leaderships in Iraq and Syria.

      5. John those are occurrences that happen in every country…but since you want to think the worse and did all the Googling then I will let you have it…I was THERE and there was none of this then…if you cannot accept that okay fine.

      6. Thanx for all the uodates….my mother died and I returned home went back in Sept of 80 and 3 days later I was assigned to Baghdad because of a rumor of war….when I was in Aleppo it was quiet…I am sure that there was civil disobedience but I saw nothing like today.

  2. While I can certainly understand the concept behind political/geographic safe zones to contain the refugee populations from roaming about the countrysides of other countries, it’s simply not practical on a large scale. In effect, you would have to create an entire political enclave from nothing; creating a local government authority to maintain order and public services… create an economic system to feed and house everyone.. in essence, create an entire social system… and to the extent that all cannot be done or sustainable en masse by themselves, then someone will have to provide it all to them, organizing a complete distribution system, and doing all this for an indefinite period of time. Also, all this does not take into consideration that these places can be adequately defended against those threats that forced them there to begin with; who defends these large areas from military assault? This is NOT about creating tent cities with a few port-a-potties, run by the UN. Again.. Mr. Trump has NO concept of what he is getting into and just keeps spouting crap off the top of his head.

    Syria will have a future.. as we all will. The question is just what kind of future it will be. Quite honestly… you have to WANT democracy enough to taste it. You can’t just have some smart Western think tank people assemble a constitution for anyone in the Middle East. The rule of social order has always been some form of monarchy/dictatorship. Syria is in a shambles and is no way capable of a democracy of any kind. It needs a dictator.. and hopefully a basically benevolent one. But it will have to be a strong one to create order from chaos. But try and sell that to any of the Western powers; fat chance.

    1. Good comment…the biggest problem in the ME is that there is very little experience with democracy so any effort is going to be strained…

      1. I have to think one of the big problems with governmental theocracies, particularly Islamic countries withl little tolerance for other religions, is that there’s laws of God that supersede the laws of man.. and there’s not a lot of wiggle room for a democracy and individual will.

      2. That is true…but many of the “laws” are from Hadiths which are not part of Quran but rather interpretations by a “iman”….hope you had a good new Year….chuq

  3. Considering our government has been funding the war in Syria, for more than one side in the conflict, as well as spending millions on our own involvement, it seems only fair, if more than a little hypocritical, that we should help end some of their suffering… though I would imagine the Syrian people have had quite enough of our ‘help’ by now, and would rather do without any further interference from this quarter….

    I’d say the Syrian people have as much of a future as anyone does… but, then, as long as the world continues to do things the same old way, nothing is going to be different.. and that begins with nationalism, and religion, both of which are the perfect manipulative tool for the arms dealers and manipulators to keep the fires raging, while they take profit from the misery they cause…

    gigoid, the dubious

  4. I am very sorry for the people of Syria because we lose our humanity to stop this war and I think this war will cover our world with dust and ashes.

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