Trump Needs Good Advice

We now have a new president-elect and he is in the process of putting together a government for the nation……and its people……

So far I am not sure about some of his choices, although it is by NO means complete, but since he has no direct experience in governing then he needs good advisers with good advice….not yes men….he needs advice that will be the best for the nation and its people…..

The American Conservative has a good article on this situation….I may not agree with them on everything but they do have some excellent writers and analysts………this article makes some very good points…..

I would very much like to see the White House revert to a George Marshall type of foreign policy, in which the United States would use its vast power wisely rather than punitively. As Donald Trump knows little of what makes the world go round, senior officials and cabinet secretaries will play a key role in framing and executing policy. One would like to see people like Jim Webb, Chas Freeman, Andrew Bacevich, or even TAC’s own Daniel Larison in key government positions, as one might thereby rely on their cool judgment and natural restraint to guide the ship of state. But that is unfortunately unlikely to happen.

Source: Trump Needs Good Advice | The American Conservative

Everyone needs to remember that Trump is the president for all Americans not just the ones that will kiss his ring.


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