Closing Thought–21Nov16

During the Obama years there was lots of lip popping about the coming NWO, New World Order….how he and his cronies were setting the stage for the coming horror of the movies…..

A great term but only used by the semi-literate that have NO knowledge of anything beyond the headlines on Breitbart or Infowars…silly conspiracies and all that.

The origin of the term has its birth with conspiracy nuts and fundamentalist Christians……but in case you do not pay any attention to bullshit let me help………..

According to popular conspiracy theories, this authoritarian world government plans on replacing sovereign nation-states, and the organization features an ideology that believes that the establishment of a New World Order is the culmination of history. Conspiracy theorists speculate that significant occurrences in politics and finances are orchestrated by an influential cabal that works behind-the-scenes to achieve their own agenda. There are numerous historical and current events that conspiracy theorists see as steps in an active plot to achieve world domination through decision-making progresses and secret political gatherings.

Before the 1990s, New World Order conspiracy theories were limited to two primary countercultures in America: the militantly anti-government right-wing and fundamentalist Christians concerned with the end of the world scenario in relation to the Antichrist. Skeptics have noticed that such conspiracy theories have not only been embraced by many individuals seeking stigmatized knowledge but also seeped into instances of popular culture.

Now every nut wad that can spell will be pointing at those “hidden” socialists and the coming of the New World Order.

I bring this all up for I would like to see just how these “people” handle this subject now that they so astutely elected an “Outsider”….(did that sound like sarcasm?)

How long will Pres. Trump have before these nutjobs start accusing him of trying to implement the NWO?


10 thoughts on “Closing Thought–21Nov16

  1. Those pesky Illuminati and their more than 800 year manipulation of world governments….

    Yeah, it sounds more ridiculous when you type it out instead of saying it in your head, lol

  2. I dunno, Chuq. I’m an avid conspiracy theorist (sometimes constipated theorist but that’s another thing) and I’ve met some of those ushering in the NWO. You bet, I’ve talked to them even. In fact, I’ve worked for them and studied with them and learned from them and bought stuff from them. What’s truly frightening about all this is, they’re everywhere! And they are an identifiable group. They call themselves the human race, can you believe it? There, I’ve let the cat out of the bag, didn’t mean to but I just had to confess I was a member of the NWO.

  3. Obama still has a lot to play, funnily enough Clinton too still has a chance to have her say in this. When has there been a clear divide between the left and right? When was the last time two candidates had an almost polarizing perception from the public. I break down events leading up to, during, and after the election and give my opinion on what I think will happen:

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