Yemen: Back To The Future?

This is an article that I wrote for my friends over at Ace News Room…..If the reader likes their news then I recommend the site….news from the world over……

We have a new president and he will have to deal with the cycle of violence that this country helped to spiral out of control…….

This American election has pushed Yemen from the headlines….for over a year now the Saudis have been bombing the crap out of Yemen...mostly under the pretense that the Shia Houthis were a threat to the sacred sites of Islam….not so sure.…I think it is that the monarchs were afraid of their hold on the wealth and power….

The conflict has destroyed much of Yemen…killed many civilians and left survivors hungry and without hope for the world has sort of pretended that it is a just cause for the Saudis….

Source: Yemen: Back To The Future? | Ace News Room


5 thoughts on “Yemen: Back To The Future?

  1. The American election pushed everything into the sidelines – including the deaths of our military and citizens in that war-torn area of the world.

  2. I’ve mentioned Yemen a few times with family and friends and they’re typical response was “What’s going on in Yemen besides the U.S. send a missile or two?”….. Really pisses me off and underscores the choke hold the mainstream media has on the American public. Sad.

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