“Brexit” The Sequel

Last week the world went batcrap crazy…..you see Britain voted to leave the EU and that set off days of speculation by the media….especially who would be the next nation to choose the path of exit……will it be Greece (my choice) or maybe Holland or Italy or Denmark…even France because they were never completely on board with the whole EU thingy……

I could write about these wannabes but instead I would like to write about the “exit” thing here in the US.

I know what could I possibly be talking about, right?

Texas fools!

How many times has the subject come up in the news with Texas attached to it?

After the “Brexit” vote and all the news coverage and all the worthless speculation….the whole secession thing has once again come up and Texas  center…….

Not content with celebrating liberty on July 4, a group of Texans has gleaned inspiration from Brexit—the UK’s decision to leave the EU—with its own push for independence. The similar-sounding “Texit” movement, which gained significant support online Friday, is mainly being pushed by the Texas Nationalist Movement, which is basically the US soulmate of the UK secession initiative, according to its leader, David Miller, right down to the “Leave” campaign slogan that TNM says it’s been using for years. With a motto of “Texas First, Texas Forever,” the group, like those behind Brexit, advocates for “self-government,” Miller tells News.com.au. “At this moment, we don’t enjoy that right,” he says. “The vast majority of the laws, rules, and regulations that affect the people of Texas are created by the political class or unelected bureaucrats in Washington.”

Vocativ decided to see how often the phrase “Texit” has been used in 2016 and found that online references spiked after the Brexit tally came in. Nearly 1,800 people tweeted something Texit-related in the hour of the announcement, with thousands more tweets following. Some of the posts are frighteningly serious, others are somewhat clever (cue the “most likely to secede” memes), and still others can’t do anything but virtually shake their heads. It’s not the first time some of the state’s residents have vied for a breakaway: Right after President Obama’s reelection, the White House turned down a petition signed by 125,000 people calling for Texas’ freedom, Fox News reported. One Texit supporter tells the Guardian that a secession would bring back “Texas solutions” on issues such as gay marriage, gun rights, and immigration. (Here, a fewlegaltakes on secession rules.)

I am sick of hearing this crap from Texas…I say if they like then by God let’s let them go……but first build that Trump wall around the state and only put in a couple of in and out gates….and then we will see just how serious these fools are about leaving the union……

If they do not want to be part of the US then let the f*ckers go!  I am sick of listening to these whiney twats……let them GO!

7 thoughts on ““Brexit” The Sequel

  1. They must be aware that if they “Go” their welfare checks and ssi benefits and unemployment benefits and food stamps will go too. I am thinking that they would vote down a secession based on that one incontrovertible fact — no more freebies from Uncle Sugar!

  2. Aw, don’t get all het up, my friend. It’s all just another distraction. Consider well where you saw the news being paraded (Fox? the bastion of idiocy….), then count the numbers. A hundred thousand idiots is only a small percentage of how many there are in that state, which has about 30 million or so hardy souls living in it. Since they live there, many of them might wish to question their own degree of idiocy to begin with….

    Plus, why let idiots ruin your mood? Haters gonna hate, and getting all worked up at them just plays into their idiocy…. Shoot ’em & be done with it…. figuratively, if not literally….

    Besides, if they go, we’ll all be better off without so many drags on the overall intelligence average….

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. Greece??? Greece should have been forcibly shown the door by the EU bouncers decades ago! Instead, the EU put their drinks on a tab and let them stagger around, start fights & wreck the place.

    Greece has been a fucking basket case ever since…the Romans invaded them. Shit, these fuckers haven’t even fixed the Parthenon yet…and it’s their lone claim to fame! (As we all know, America invented and patented democracy.) Shit, half the EU’s problems probably stem from carrying those goat-cheese-eating losers for so long. Merkel is such a fucking pushover.

    As for Texas leaving America? Go for it! Like Greece, The South has been dragging down America for decades. Nearly all their oil & gas is gone. What else have they got that America will miss? Redneck idiots? Armadillos? Water? Ha! Maybe some wind & solar capabilities, but nobody wants to discuss that.

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