Regional Conflict Brewing in Azerbaijan, Armenia

I love to use the 4 most beautiful words in the English language…..”I told you so”…..

I have written en op-ed for my friends at Legationes about the region in question…..which is a paper that I researched several years ago……and it is good to see that my predictions are getting close to realization…..well not good but rather interesting……(read more)…..

There is a theory in international relations called the linchpin theory….basically, it is an occurrence, a small occurrence, that could explode into a society ending situation……a couple of good examples are WW1 and the Arab Spring…..

Source: Looking for the linchpin – Legationes

By Brandon Turbeville Regardless of which side you choose to listen to in the Armenian/Azeri conflict, one thing everyone can agree on is that the ceasefire is not holding. The regularly ignited di…

Source: Regional Conflict Brewing in Azerbaijan, Armenia

The events in this situation are starting to accelerate…..the question is….how much damage will this event do?  Could this becoming a wider conflict?  Will the major powers become involved?

Could this be the linchpin I have been looking for or is it just a minor thing that will get worked out in the end?

8 thoughts on “Regional Conflict Brewing in Azerbaijan, Armenia

      1. The US doesn’t want people talking about genocides in general. Especially when it funds them (See: Pol Pot)

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