Americans Are Idiots About Terrorism

For the most part…..the title is accurate.

I have been trying to help my readers understand terrorism…..there is more to the act than some crazed person killing indiscriminately……I admit that I am met with some resistance because most people want the concept boiled down to a one sentence explanation……only ignorance would make someone look for the simplest definition.

Shortly after the last terrorist attack in Belgium I read an article written in Red State and yes I realize that it is an influential conservative site….but no matter where it comes from a good informative article is a good informative article.

Our great media is leading the ignorance charge on terrorism…..there is very little reliable info in the MSM they prefer to spend their time on speculation……

Source: Americans Are Idiots About Terrorism | RedState

While I am not a big fan of RedState….they do have some interesting and thought provoking articles from time to time…..

14 thoughts on “Americans Are Idiots About Terrorism

  1. Though it probably seems too simplistic, to many, in my mind, terrorism IS a one-sentence definition, and an understanding of it need go no further than personal beliefs to define. Any person can only be terrorized if they allow it in themselves. Nobody can make you feel anything you don’t wish to feel, unless we allow it. Thus, to be terrorized is to admit you have no power over events, and to suffer fear of harm because of that lack of power. To any true warrior, this is a useless technique; it only works on those who have allowed fear of self-harm to control their lives and beliefs; if one is confident of their ability to deal with violence, no matter what form it takes, then terror is not an issue, for more than the instant it takes to dismiss it as unrealistic fear.

    But, almost every person alive has been taught they are powerless in the face of unknown violence, so, they are easily manipulated into being afraid, which turns off their basic intelligence, turning them into whiny children, looking for protection from the monsters under the bed.

    In truth, it makes me ashamed of being human at times…..

    Terror is a choice.

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. It is a choice… ohhhh… the dubious one….
      As I have said before….if a man eatin tiger woz on my heels….I toooo wld be terrified….justifiably so….
      all that terror would make me run very fast…

      1. Sorry, doesn’t fly, especially for one born in the year of the Tiger….You wouldn’t be terrified if you were carrying appropriate weaponry…. which would be smart if walking where tigers walk…Preparation is key in reducing fear…. Even pepper spray would discourage a tiger, and, a katana would pretty much even the odds for me….

        You’re right, but, missed the key part of the phrase I wrote…. Yes, we can experience terror, but, “only until the fear is dismissed as unrealistic.” We don’t have to allow it to control our actions….

        I’ve been terrified; I don’t enjoy it, so, I deal with the violence, and the fear goes away. It’s really that simple, if one has the courage to face the tigers in life…. What the MSM call terrorists are just another tiger…

        gigoid, the dubious

      2. Oh,Wise Tiger…..Living in the UK…they are no Tigers….but you get my meaning..adrenaline rush makes ya run ….I do not suffer from ‘fear’…..Years ago it took me 6 months to back flip into a pool….I woz full of fear..;( but when I did woz easy peasy……so facing your fears is correct….maybe some are just simply terrified of death….or even how one dies…the imagination needs disciplining….;)

      3. Exactly; they allow their imaginary fears all the power, instead of using it to imagine their own safety and competence….

        The back flip did the exact same to me when I was about 11, but, it was a front one and a half that had me paralyzed.

        It does feel great when fear is vanquished, doesn’t it?


    2. I agree…..but Americans need a slap in the face …of course most of them will probably think it i foreplay…..LOL chuq

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