The War Delusion

Can anyone tell me the name of the last American killed in Iraq?  Don’t give yourself a finger cramp hitting the Google button….his name was Lt. David A, Bauders of the 176th Engineering Company…..and it has been only a couple of days since his death….

Since I study war and its causes and solutions I have been impressed that the Iraq War of 2003 has become a campaign issue…..most of the interests is solely for political gain but the fact that some are talking about the most moronic decision that has been made in the last 25 years is enlightening…………

We know that candidate Bernie Sanders was a NO vote for going to war in Iraq…..there were others….even some Republicans were against the move to war.

I recently read an op-ed by one of those GOPers that voted against the war… is an interesting piece and it is quite enlightening……it should be a template for ALL Congress when war is on the table……

Our next president must choose peace and prosperity over war and debt.

Source: The War Delusion | The National Interest

But I am not optimistic with this election……it will be just move of the same….or “Same sh*t, Different Day”……sort of thing.  Sadly, if Americans are not war weary after 15 years of war then they may never feel the need to end this crap.  More young Americans to die for no reason other than hubris.

All I can hope is that my anti-war voice will not die with me… granddaughter is showing an interest in my writings….she would be my choice to continue my work……

32 thoughts on “The War Delusion

  1. I am afraid most Americans do not know what ‘hubris’ is…
    A new kinda gum?

  2. Lady P nailed at at least one big part of the problem with Americans; they are proud of themselves, without a clue as to the reasons upon which they base that false pride. The only way a democracy can work to protect the people is if they educate themselves well enough to perform that protection themselves. This has clearly NOT been the case with 98% of Americans….

    I also think there are two subjects, or issues, we humans face right now that will make foreign policy rather unimportant in the whole. In the next year or two, climate change is going to start frightening EVERYONE, and will become a hot-button issue. The other subject is the impending collapse of capitalism, which is showing every sign of collapsing under the weight of its own idiocy at last. Mathematically, it won’t be long before the lack of possible expansion available will begin to erode the rest of the system, signs of which are building quickly (reference the impending collapse of the Mexican Petroleum corporation….)

    Get ready ffolkes; there’s much worse coming than just Trump or Clinton, and nobody’s going to have time to worry about much but surviving….

    gigoid. the dubious

      1. ‘S okay; us fear mongers don’t mind it; we just change the words to “realistic observers”


    1. Capitalism needs to collapse and let the fat cats taste what the rest of us have been living with…..the climate will effect the entire planet so I think it is a foreign policy and should be a priority….chuq

      1. *smile* Nice recovery…. I’ll go with that, though I’m pretty sure, since those issues are world-wide, it goes well beyond foreign policy, especially considering the governments may be the first casualties in the event of economic collapse, thus making it all moot….

        It’s going to be worse than anyone thinks it is, because nobody is willing to acknowledge how badly we’ve fucked up…. typical human reaction to learning we aren’t as smart as we think….


      1. I post one on weekends and then I go back to 5 or more a day….I will be teaching this June for 4 weeks 3 classes a week….so it may lessen my posts somewhat…

      2. AS you may recall I follow the News on the Dance of Democracy. I would not be surprised if Hillary Clinton is Trumped at the Polls in November.

      3. it sends chills up my spine….MacArthur was called the “American Caesar” Trump will be called the “American Hitler”…..his policies scare me and I do not scare easily….

      4. Please keep this “prophecy” marked on your Note book till Nov 2016.The reasons I will till you if it comes to be fact.

      5. I shall….and if he does win I will write a post and tell the readers of your prediction….that is if you do not object….

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