American democracy is rigged

This election year there are opinions about everything you could possibly imagine.

Some say that the elections are rigged……the way they have been going in the last 25 years I tend to agree.  All we have to do is take an objective look at the past elections (that will be difficult because most Americans cannot be objective)…..I read a piece about our democracy and it made some excellent points….some will jpt appreciate the source….but the source has hired some of the best analysis in the industry….

The Republican and Democratic parties are functioning like two identical but competing Orwellian Ministries of Truth.

Although any US citizen can join these two parties – or any other political party – millions of eligible voters have not, and consider themselves “independent”.

These independent voters get to vote in the general elections like anyone else, but by the time we get to that general election in November, the two dominant political parties have already elected their nominee, and, therefore, US citizens at large have to vote for one of these preselected nominees if they want their vote to have a role in who their next president will be.

Source: American democracy is rigged – Al Jazeera English

I too have a difficult time with the term “independent”… is a con job perpetrated by the media to the point that the voter has come to believe the label…..(I will be writing more about this later as the general approaches)….

9 thoughts on “American democracy is rigged

  1. I don’t care for Trump (not many I know do); however, I agree with him about the election being “rigged.” In actuality, the individual vote does not count. The delegates choose who will be on the ballot. It stinks. The politicians love it. I wonder what percentage of voters realize this. The people with whom I associate are split – some follow and some don’t. It’s easy to get frustrated when someone puts forth an opinion which has no basis in fact. It’s very tempting to correct or inform. I’m no expert of course, but I seem to have more knowledge thanks to bloggers like you, Chuq, than many of the people around me. 🙂

    1. I appreciate the kind words and thank you…..this whole process needs to be reworked from the bottom up….the super delegates need to go to start….there is a chance that something good would come out of the Dem convention but that is an outside chance…I try to help epeople see what is going on in the process….some care…most do not….chuq

  2. 1) Independents are generally folks one step away from not voting altogether (apathy, frustration), or Republicans ashamed to call themselves Republicans in public. They’re distancing themselves from the stench of crazy the party emits and/or are trying to make themselves look “above it all”.

    2) If 2016 was good for anything, it took off the rose coloured glasses and exposed the process for the sham it is. Essentially, 2 private clubs have hijacked the election process and control the entire “democratic” system as a result. Each club nominates candidates using whatever rules they feel like. Not only that, the rules vary from place to place and election to election. And if the party insiders don’t like the Presidential candidate club members (and citizens lucky enough to be allowed votes) choose in their semi-binding Primary elections..they can toss all the rules out at the convention and pick anybody. And then the public is left to pick between what the 2 clubs offer up. And what’s on offer seems to get less desirable every election.

    The confusing part is that the clubs designed their system to mimic the actual election (States & delegates) without making it nearly so uniform, or binding. (not that general election rules themselves don’t have way too much variance and gaping loopholes.) So, one can see how easy it is to blur the two separate processes. That was intentional. It was a subtle way of solidifying the control of the system in the mind of the public.

    1. An independent here are really centrists….they will vote for one of the two parties even when there are alternatives… to call them independents is just not accurate….

      1. More like political shoppers that only buy products from major brand names. Just like Pepsi & Coke. At the end of the day, it’s all sugar water, but the brand name makes all the difference to them.

  3. *huge grin*

    It took me about half an hour to calm down from busting a gut at the title, because I immediately got a mental picture of Homer Simpson, with his hand slapping his forehead, saying, of course, “DOH!”…. For some reason, just tickled my fancy hard and fast.

    Calmed down, and reading, it occurred to me, first, the voters are all independents, as much as anything else, since the parties really have no relevance, being essentially the same show, different music. The problem there is the system is designed, from the beginning, to be run by, and voted in by what more accurately would be described as an educated, informed voting base, with educated, informed voters. Then, the label they choose might have a chance of coming closer to reality.

    That’s the other side of the problem, I think; labels. Most of the people who vote are not what might be termed critical thinkers, so, when they apply a label in their mind, they make the mistaken assumption the label is reality, when it is no such thing, for a lot of reasons too much to go into here. Let us just say the issue of their lack of education combined with this makes them eminently manipulable, no matter which corporate shill happens to be running for office, damn near anywhere in the country.

    I forget the title, but, some independent statistical study made a couple years ago proved the agenda of the rich and powerful has won every single election, vs. the agenda of the majority of those who would see reform to make things more equal, for the last 75 years, or more, regardless of party/platform, etc. What the people wanted is always manipulated into ending up what benefits the most predatory.


    gigoid, the dubious

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