life on the verge of existence…. my article in huffington post italia

Another excellent piece written by a woman trying to live and raise her family under occupation.

Please take some time to read her thoughts they are eye opening…..chuq

نادية حرحش

I have never thought that I would seriously leave home thinking I may not make it back, or this could be the last time I see my children. I am usually the negligent mother who allows her children to do it all independently. I have no idea how they get dressed and get ready to go to school since years. These days are different. It is true that since we became a smaller family, after my two elder children left to universities, we somehow became more intimate. These days, I feel that I have to wake up first. I ask them to be careful as they leave. I make them promise me that they will not be involved in any unsuitable situation. I take a deep breath and pray for their safety, and somehow I try to gain my sanity and think… Ok woman, Relax. They are not any better…

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